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Thread: Indoor potty training - Puppy just eats paper or chases tail

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    Default Indoor potty training - Puppy just eats paper or chases tail

    I brought home a golden lab retriever just over a week ago. She is now 11 weeks old. She gives me signs when she needs to potty (paces/whines for 1 and barks for 2) so I take her to the paper and all she does is chase her tail or chew the paper (and during the night has started chewing the lino flooring!!)
    I don't want to tell her off too much when she does this because I don't want her to think that going to the paper is a punishment of any sort.
    How do I stop her chewing the paper or chasing her tail and make her go potty when she clearly needs it?
    I have stayed at the potty area, repeatedly saying "wee-wees" in my cheery voice, for up to 45 minutes but she just won't go so I thought I was misreading the signs but as soon as I put her back in her play pen she has a mistake. I have also tried leaving her in the play pen a little longer before taking her to the paper, thinking maybe the pacing/whining was her way of getting out of her play pen, but again she has mistakes.

    So far I have been off work the whole time with her and go back on Monday and I'm concerned that if I don't get some positive results before I go back to work it will be so much harder to potty train her.
    (PS The potty area is in my laundry which is also where she sleeps but at the other end of the room, her play pen is in the living room where I can see her throughout the day - could this be confusing for her? I can not train her outside yet as my fence is broke so she could escape - need to get that fixed ASAP)

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    Hey there JP.

    Take my advice as just ideas and I am far from expert in this area as my dogs came to me toilet trained, although I am still trying to train my 2 year old human boy. He would probably be happy crapping on newspaper.

    But back your pooch.

    Is she used to the leash yet? if she is, you can lead her outside when she tells you its time for her to go. You have to have patience and don't go inside with her until she does her business. But this depends is she is leash friendly.

    If not and you can't sort the fence just yet, then what I would do is totally separate her potty area from her sleeping area as dogs, as a rule, don't like to soil where they sleep.

    Apart from that I've got nothing. There are tonnes more experienced people on this forum that will be better placed to help you.

    Good luck and all the best


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    Hi Janeypie

    There are a tonne of threads in here on toilet training - you are not alone.

    What Ados is probably best - put her on lead - take her outside - have a potty word (eg "Go Potty" and say that while you're outside and act boring... no playing or direct eye contact until she performs - and then praise and treat and play and go back inside.

    If it's the middle of the night - skip the treat and play bit. I would still be scheduling the alarm for outside potty stops at 11 weeks until about 14 to 18 weeks...

    What are you cleaning up the play pen with? Bleach encourages more pee in the same spot. use water, then wipe up, then bicarb soda (very light sprinkle) then spray over some ordinary white vinegar (the stuff that's $1.35 for 2litres). and clean up. Doesn't smell so much like a good place to pee again. Maybe put a little bit of the pee paper in the place where you do want your dog to pee.

    And be persistant - don't give up after 45 minutes, just sit there with dog on lead in the pee patch, and act boring and keep putting her back there until she performs. Chewing the paper isn't a big deal at this stage. But you might want to put paper that's harder to chew (eg flat newspaper not shredded paper?)

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