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Thread: Chasing Birds (How Do You Get Your Dog to Do It?)

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    Thank's Mags, yea once the birds leave the yard he doesn't care. Just wondered if it would be a problem later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by four socks View Post
    I was going to ask the question how do i stop my NJ from chasing birds, NJ dose it only when they are in the yard. bit like "this is my yard" thing.
    May i ask what sort of dog you have?
    i have a jack russell, 5 months old

    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    Teaching him to chase could lead to trouble, I wouldn't bother. I'd feed your dog inside or hang around when he's eating. If he doesn't finish his meal within 15 minutes, take the food away.
    what kind of trouble are we talking about? from what other people have posted on this thread, people's dogs only seem to chase birds in the yard, not pets or birds they see when going for a walk. so, yeah, again, what kind of trouble would they get in?

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    Alot of dogs do chase birds no matter where they are. The examples here are mainly to do with territorial behaviour which your dog doesn't seem to display. Isn't it easier to feed your dog somewhere where the birds don't get to it?

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    I had Jess trained to "sick em". She was my shadow and always was at heel and never needed a leash...all I had to say was...(whispering)"get em" or "pss" and she'd chase whatever is was...then I'd say "enough" and she'd return to me...awesome dog! and she'd never hurt a fly either, if she actually caught what she was chasing (not that I'd let her...) she'd never bite, she just had a good smell!

    Candy on the other a dog that's bred to chase and catch her I wont encourage her to chase. She does it on her own..luckily she never catches them!

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