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Thread: How to keep dogs warm?

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    Default How to keep dogs warm?

    Hi all,

    We have an exceptionally cold house - which is lovely in summer but the pits in winter. Some nights the only thing to do is go to bed with a beanie and the electric blanket on.

    What this means is that Scottie is home all day in a cold house. Over this long weekend I've noticed he's really feeling the cold during the day. (He's currently on the couch next to me (body heat) with his jacket on, wrapped in his woollen blankie. He was cold earlier when he just had his rug on).

    He has a coat (waterproof wheatherbeeta) which I don't usually leave on him during the day but have decided I'll trail this week. He also has a big bed with high sides and a pure wool blankie (amongst others) and usually access to our bed.

    He's not a nester or a snuggler - I've never seen him nuzzle his way under a blanket for warmth. However he does often pry his way under your arm to lie along side your thigh on the couch. Maybe I'm just worrying and he'll burrow if he needs to.

    We don't have air con and I'm not a fan of leaving things on or plugged in when I'm not home. I'm also not a fan of having him rugged all day but I figure with the WB he can pull (velcro fastenings) or chew it off if he gets caught).
    He can be home for close to 12 hours on his own during the day.

    He's skinny / just the right weight (aka not carrying any extra winter padding) and he's got a sensitive tummy and not particularly food driven so I can't offer him a big warm bowl of .... anything to keep him full and warm during the day. He does get fed two meals a day.

    Nights are fine as he gets into bed with us when he gets too cold.

    So...What are your best tips you've got to help keep him warm?

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    Just a couple of suggestions for you:

    You said that your pup’s bed had very high sides. Are you able to put a cover over the top so that it becomes more like a den for him ? That way all the heat will stay where he is.

    Some of these are pretty fancy – though - it is just to give you an idea of what I mean. If you have a spare table, put it over the bed, a blanket over the table and see how you go.

    As far as blankets go - I have got a heap of these in different sizes for the pups for their beds:

    Sams Warehouse Catalogues

    I wouldn't leave a coat on him while you are not there - but that is my personal preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    Just a couple of suggestions for you:

    [/B]I wouldn't leave a coat on him while you are not there - but that is my personal preference.
    Yes. I agree not my preference either but I hate the thought of him being cold - all my other dogs have been nesters.

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    I heard these are very good from a lot of people and there's no cords/water to cause injury. They also release heat slowly so no burns.

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    Oh. They look fantastic.

    thank you

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    In winter my dogs love their soft crates. I put a good matress in and they are draft proof. My dogs are all short coated lean dogs and they always curl up in their crates at night time. I have also found that they like those round beds with sides. Will often curl up in there.

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    Just purchased a snugglesafe.

    He's got enough options for warm spots - and knows to seek body heat. At least now he'll have a heat source when we're not home.

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    I tried a lot of coats and this one is the only one that I felt comfortable leaving on my old dog when I wasn't there. Cosy Fleece Dog Vest

    I just found one in the cupboard last night and put it on our foster kelpie and she is so happy. Doesn't really stop her from lying half on top of me at night like I'd hoped, but she seems to sleep more deeply.

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    bugger the dog - I think I want one of those. (have a long and scary history with electric blankets so don't use those any more)

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    Was thinking the same AND one for the cat. Can you imagine how good they would be for cold feet getting into a cold bed even with socks on? HEAVEN! Thank you, Nekhbet!

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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