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Thread: How to keep dogs warm?

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    I did nearly buy a 2 pack but at $40 a pop he'll just have to share with Mummy. (I found then on ebay - they said they were genuine)

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    So the initial review on the sunggle safe is... *Drumroll*

    I) Its not as warm as I expected it to be but it does pump out the heat - both good things.
    II) Scottie isn't too sure of it but I'm home from work today with a headache / head cold and forced him to "drop on it - he's now sugggled up on it fast asleep - again good thing.
    III) 3 hours from warming it up and it's still the same temp - great
    IV) I reckon I could make a better cover for it - totally irrelevant but just thought I'd add that.

    Hopefully once the cover starts to smell like him and he gets that there is a warm patch in his bed he'll start putting it to good use when I'm not home.

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    Oh man this is great thanks, I have exactly the same problem with a cold house and was wondering how my new puppy would cope when she arrives. I've been looking for an idea like this.

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    IMG_20140613_125418 (2).jpg

    Has not moved. Such warms you guys.

    (Ps Coat fits better then the photo looks - hes just sleeping on a strange angle)

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