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Thread: Found a Paralysis Tick on Sammy today

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    Default Found a Paralysis Tick on Sammy today

    At first I thought he had some 'sleep' around his eyes but then we realised it was a tiny tick. A lady in our training class had a tick remover handy and we were able to get it out properly (tick was intact and started trying to walk off). 2nd paralysis tick I've seen on him in his 4 years and first time I've seen one in Winter. Not sure if I'm wrong about this but are paralysis ticks usually active in Winter?

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    Are you really sure it was a paralysis tick ?

    Tick Photos


    Winter doesn’t start here in Australia until 1/6/2014.

    Maybe you need to do a rethink as to where you exercise your dog ?

    Paralysis tick poisoning - prevention, signs, symptoms, treatment, Northern Beaches - Pittwater Animal Hospital

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    Hi RileyJ,

    It was definitely a paralysis tick looking at those photos, there aren't really any others that have the white grey body and the orange head. I was actually at a training club when we discovered it and so everyone had a look at it (trainers, people in the class etc) and they identified it and had some tick removal tool on hand that we were able to use to remove it.

    Worst part is he hadn't left the house (we just moved into a new house on the Central Coast NSW) for the last 2 days so in all likelihood, he got it from the backyard.

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    Oh no Glad you noticed it when it was still small!

    I think paralysis ticks are more common in the warmer months but can still be found in the cooler months, especially after rain.

    A friend of mine put her border collie into boarding kennels last winter, she had treated him with advantix and he was wearing a tick collar (preventic). The night that she picked him up he started acting funny so she took him to the vet and they found 8 paralysis ticks on him.. two were attached directly under the tick collar. This is in a 'paralysis tick free zone' where any livestock entering the area have to stop and be sprayed and where vets/council say there are absolutely no paralysis ticks.

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    Very lucky find ! That is one of the main reasons I love Riley's coat - any lumps and bumps are easy to see.

    Sammy must have been nose down doing a bit of sniffing around to get one near his eye.

    Paralysis ticks really don't have seasons – but are around all year. It depends what wildlife comes through your property as to whether you will get ticks or not. They are mostly found along the eastern coastal area of Australia, but are also found in Western Australia.

    Australian Paralysis Tick - Australian Museum

    Dogs NSW - Paralysis ticks

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    Lots of ticks in Sydney area.

    Got a friend in Elanora Heights (north of Narabeen) - they said their kids had finally stopped getting ticks from their back yard... EW!

    My dog did not get off lead or in their back yard at their house.

    Its been unseasonably warm this May in Adelaide. I think we had about 24'C today - warmer than some January days. And ridiculously above average for May - so dogs down our park are still getting fleas... and there's been no frosts in the hills either. And the mozzies are still hungry.

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    Yup my partner has 3 new mozzie bites after being outside this evening for less than 15 mins. Fleas I can deal with I think - Comfortis is a wonder drug. Only had to use in twice in Sammy's life but both times the fleas were all gone within days and never seen again. Ticks though, there just doesn't seem to be any reliable prevention. I'm checking every inch of him every day, more than once I'm so paranoid but does anyone know of any products that actually prevent ticks?

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