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    my name is Ashleigh. Im currently moving out from my parents house, and sadly i wont be taking my best friend Ed, he is a golden retriever, around 4 years old, we got him from a rescue group, and he is the most loving (if not overbearingly loving) dog we have ever had. Im excited to venture out on my own, but i also am excited to adopt a new best friend once im settled. I joined this site, so that i can be as educated and and ready for whoever and whatever my new friend will be & need. So dont hesitate to correct me and give me tips and hints, as i am keen to learn and hear about everyones personal experiences with dogs and their needs.

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    Hi Ash

    I remember when i first moved out of home .......was about 18 years a go now *sigh*.

    I wanted to get another dog so bad because my old Labrador (and 1st ever dog) had recently passed away.

    It was a great time picking out a new pup....a rescue Ridgeback X breed. Thing is i thought my housemate at the time was cool with it. We even discussed it before i got the pup and he was cool at the time. What he wasnt ready for was a new puppy who was getting used to his new home doing what puppys do. Things like him whimpering during the night, toilet accidents inside, digging holes etc etc etc...

    Lets say it didnt last long before i moved out was either that or i'd knock his block off LOL.

    I guess what i'm trying to say is make very sure that any housemates/landlords etc are totally aware whats going on and what they should expect. Dont fall into the trap i fell in.

    Ask lotsa questions (start new threads if you want) about what breeds will suit you and your budget and what foods will suit whatever aged dog you get.

    Good luck and please share any photos of your new and old dogs. We all love to be bombed with pooch piccies here.

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    Welcome to the forum You've definitely come to the right place if you're looking for information. Golden Retrievers are lovely dogs, so its not surprising that yours is 'overbearingly loving' haha
    As Sean said, we love photos here, so feel free to share some

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    Thanks for the advice Sean because im moving states, and moving out of home at the same time, im gonna take any cheap rental for 6months to a yr to get established and then ill look for a pet friendly place. just so i can be stable, because i dont want to have to give up a beatiful companion just because im not able to afford/keep them

    thank you for the welcome Maddogdodge im sure i will find some snaps to upload

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    I think that's one of the hardest things about moving out and renting - it's really hard (in Australia) to find pet friendly places.

    Personally - I'd rather rent to a person with dogs than a person with kids or share house of uni students.

    So you may get a hard time from rescues or breeders who want good forever homes for their dogs and they've had bad experiences with students / renters. What you'd need to show them is "the back up plan" for if things go wrong - what do you do with the dog? Do you have friends who can take him or would you take him back to your parents?

    My mum really didn't want me to get a dog because she was scared I'd do what my sister did and dump the dog on her. Sigh. Plenty of other people are in line for my dog should I not be able to keep her. I don't think my mum has to worry at all.

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