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Thread: Gorgeous tale of a man, a bichon, a ferocious rottie and my 3

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    Default Gorgeous tale of a man, a bichon, a ferocious rottie and my 3

    Around christmas, a elderly gent Nobby, with a gutsy bitch bichon dame dog walking friend lost his wife to cancer. I have not seen him or his dog for 5 months now. Us older folks, are the earliest round of dog walkers usually.
    Today, i met him, with a cute as, rottie girl pup who is 10 weeks old. They were in the paddock when i came out with my dogs off leash.
    At the sight of Nobby, my 3 run to greet him. To be confronted by a 10 week old rottie, gaurding him lol. It was so cute. His bichon passed within a week of his wife,. It was her dog. How odd? Clearly needed to be with owner still. I find this level of bond evidence, very moving.

    So his family took him to buy a puppy. Apparently, he'd been bragging about what a softy Pohm (our rottie girl) was, and so they got him a rottie girl as a gift from a breeder. And now he's back dog walking in mornings, and feeling more alive lately because of the pup!

    Puppy was immediately adopted as HERS by Pohm, who ran to it, every time is fell over to check pup was ok, Bernie's GSD is way too posh to pay attention to new pups, so ignored it. Brian tried to play and squashed pup a bit a few times. For which pup bit him and he got upset and cried, then pohm came to check him out, because he was crying. What a family of dogs. Lovely.

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    Good on the old boy. That would have broken me.....loosing a wife and the dog so soon. Only a new puppy could bring back the will to live in such a sad case.

    Lovely alright.

    Poor Brian ...he's a goof too for sure.

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    There's a bichon that walks at our local park with two Lhaso apso cross dogs. The bichon belonged to the mother of the Lhaso owner. And the mother went to a old folks home. I think she has since died. She was getting pretty decrepid (the mother). The dog is a bit timid but not pining away. So I guess not every dog feels the need to depart when the owner goes.

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    My mothers neighbour is 93, and her only son is likely to die before she does......her Bichon is 6 years old, and when this lady dies or goes into a nursing home she wants my mother to take her dog. Mum says she will, I hope he doesn't pine too much for the old lady.

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