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Thread: Hi - my name is Rocksie

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    Default Hi - my name is Rocksie

    Any one on this forum know me? If not, I'm happy to meet you.

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    ATM - I have a Welsh Springer 12 1/2 (she is half blind and a rescue) A cocker spaniel, blind as a bat and 12. We just got a Bichon Frise from a couple who just couldn't deal with her. She'd be 10 and a 1/2 weeks old soon and she is literally and figuratively a hand full.

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    Any one out there?

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    I'll just keep talking to myself. Prior to my Cocker Spaniel, I had the most beautiful German Shephard Dog who we had to put into a lovely sleep and they seem to have been getting smaller and smaller. This Bichon Frise is actually my mother's and she is totally in love. I got her for mothers' day and got all the stuff to make her happy. I shall go to sleep shortly - my cocker is snoring in a way that always makes me feel like sleeping. Gotta love love your dogs.!!!!!!

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    Welcome Rocksie

    I know five welsh springer spaniels - some from when puppies. Darcy, Charlie, Summer, Honey and Patsy. The breeder had to rehome all her dogs when she got sick and couldn't look after them any more, so her previous puppy homes - took more and their friends took some too. They're gorgeous.

    But I don't know anyone with a welsh springer so old. Or anyone with a welshie and a cocker spaniel.

    And this is a forum - not instant messaging - we may or may not notice your posts immediately... please be patient.

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    Welcome Rocksie,

    Our ever efficient super moderator forgot to tell you about the forums golden rule ... "pics, or it didn't happen!"

    Just kidding, welcome aboard, some pics would be great though

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    Welcome from us

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