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Thread: I hit a dog today.

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    Default I hit a dog today.

    So let me explain the full story,

    Kodi went to the vet today to get an ugly looking lump removed off the side of her face. Naturally I'd been worrying about her all day, her being 13 and going under anaesthetic.

    So I pick her up late today, she's a little bit groggy still but I put her in my car and get her to lay down.

    We're about a third of the way home and she starts whinning and trying to get up. I'm talking to her trying to keep her calm. Then I smell this god awful smell.

    She's done a crap in my car!

    She's obviously not happy about it either and trying to get away from it and I'm assuming she's a bit embarrased.

    We keep going as i'm only about 10 minutes if that from home. It's getting on dusk (have my headlights on). I go down a steep hill which also has a left hand sweeping corner. I'm only doing about 60k's. The speed limit is 100.

    Out of the bush comes this dog onto my side of the road. Right in front of me. All I have time to do is break, hard! I thought about swerving but it was veering towards the other side of the road too so I didn't.
    I hear a thud followed by a yelp. If that's not one of the worst noises in the world to hear I don't know what is.

    I think I was only doing about 10 k's and hour when I hit it. Not sure what type of dog it was. About the size of a small kelpie.

    I pull up and get out of my car and it runs off down the road and up a driveway. I get back in my car and drive off after it. I have to wait for some cars to go before I turn in the driveway. The driveway splits in to two with no sign of any houses as they are obviously set a fair way back in the woods somewhere.
    I can't see the dog anywhere.

    It's at this point I decide to leave and go home. I have my poor old dog in the car who's still a bit groggy and out of it and has crapped in my car and has now just been jostled around from me having to break so hard to try not to hit a dog that i've seen out on this same road two times before.

    I'm angry at myself for hitting it and angry at it's owners for being so careless and irresponsible for letting it roam a windy road at all hours.

    What I want to know is what anyone else in this situation would do.

    Sorry for the long post but it's just been a crap day and I needed to vent.
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    Oh no !!

    Thats my worst nightmare. Sorry you had to go through that. I once ran over my own dog believe it or not.

    I can understand why you did what you did. Especially with a groggy 13 year old in the car aswell (hope Kodi's ok by the way).

    Dogs can be pretty resiliant with hits like that especially going so slow. I once watched a car clean up my Labrador when i was a kid. The car was doing about 50k's id guess and my Lab Storm copped it side on right at the front of the car. It sent him barrel rolling down the road. He got up ran back to us and jumped in the ute .....a bit scared and sore but totally OK otherwise. The cars front end was smashed it including the radiator so it was a hell of a impact.

    Hopefully the poor pooch is ok. Hope you can forgive yourself soon too. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for you and poor Kodi. Good luck.

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    Oh thats horrible I would hate to be in that situation.
    Try not to stress about it too much, as Sean said, you weren't going too fast so the dog is hopefully okay.

    If it were me I probably would have gone down the driveways to try and find the dog or owners (as long as the dog in your car was coping well enough). I would have done this because 10 years ago someone ran over my cat. My brother was heading out to a party and he saw it happen as he was about to drive out the driveway. The driver definitely knew what had happened but they didn't even bother to stop, i was heartbroken, my cat had serious internal injuries and he didn't make it.
    I'm not trying to make you feel bad and I totally understand why you went home, especially with poor Kodi in the back. I'm just sharing what i personally would have done.
    Hope Kodi recovers well from his surgery!

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    I've never been in your exact situation (ie had the recovering, albeit very uncomfortable older dog in the car) but I can sympathise with how you felt about people letting their dogs run loose.

    On our drive from Brisbane to Sydney, we saw a dog get hit by a car on the other side of the road. It was an 80km/h road and very dangerous for us to stop, but I couldn't deal with the way the dog had cried and was spinning around (had been hit in the head) so my partner pulled over. As soon as she saw us stopping, she ran across the road (nearly gave me a heart attack), but I was cautious about opening the door because you never know how an injured dog will react and in addition, she looked like an amstaff cross and I had Sammy in the car so I didn't want to put him at risk. She seemed terrified but extremely glad to see us and just desperate really for us to help her. I opened the door the tiniest bit to try get out but she jumped straight in. She curled up on my feet and didn't seem to want to move. I didn't know how badly she was injured and there was nowhere for us to safely stop so we decided to just take her straight to a vet. She had a collar but no tag but looked well looked after. Very sweet dog, I still think about her and hope she's doing well.

    A couple of years before that, Sammy was hit by a car. They didn't stop and honestly they wouldn't have even know whether they'd hit a child or a dog, they would have just heard a huge thud and people screaming. They were speeding but the stupid thing is had they stopped 2 things would have been different. Firstly, I would have been responsible for the damage to their car because it was negligence on my part, letting my dog out on the road )and there was a fair bit of damage, he broke a headlight and I imagine made a decent dent). Secondly though, they would have known that firstly they hit a dog, not a child and that the dog was fine thank god. Instead, they probably have to live with the thought that they killed something that night.

    Anyway, finding a dog that doesn't want to be found is near impossible and given you hit it at such low speeds, I'm sure it was fine (I watched my dog get hit by a car at over 70km/h and suffer no serious injuries). Your dog needed you so I don't think you should feel guilty.

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