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Thread: How much barking is too much barking in the town?

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    We've been looking into it more and more, and its looking more likely that we won't move for some years unless something amazing and perfect comes up. Its such a hard decision to make. I don't think the dogs would bark much at night. I think we'd probably set up beds in the shed for night time though. That way there wouldn't be any stimulus for them to bark at. If i was to move out from my parents house (Not planning to for a while yet though) Koda would just sleep inside with me.

    Thanks for your responses everyone, been very helpful

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    My 50yrs of experience: those that can be classed as poorer socioecenomic status, rarely complain, as it is NOT socially acceptable or safe to do so, as you risk physical assault when you do, so you've got to be a fool to try. The posh folks love to whinge about everything! The more land, the more posh and entitled they become. IMO

    My neighbour tends to complain, or does so by sending his son around occasionally to do his dirty work. I matched this recently, by returning their dog in my arms, with mine in tow, to his door step, every friggin time i catch the dog off his property as he lets it take itself for a walk. Not physical assault, but tactfully informs him, he's breaking the law, i know about it, have caught him red handed, back down stop complaining, or it take it to the pound next time!

    works nicely, no complaints since i started using this tactic.

    It is so individual though, there are those in life, that complain, and those in life that tend not to.
    regardless of where you live, what time of day it is, what sort of dog you have etc

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