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Thread: Hume, Victoria, dog warden issue

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    Default Hume, Victoria, dog warden issue

    ok, back story made short. I own a bordeaux, a bordeaux rottie x and a GSD. The GSD is a the tan/sable with black markings on nose and known as saddle back markings, light everywhere else, LONG haired. Quite a distinct difference id say to a black GSD short haired.

    Issue #1: i move here, low fence. Not a problem, my dogs dont roam. Warden says i have to build a sturdier fence, as my dogs are intimidating people who want to walk past. I am instructed to put a new 'illusion' fence up. As i "have to at least create the illusion, that the dogs cannot jump the fence". I do. $480 materials, 1 w/e i didnt need DIY. He says also "we both know even if you put a 6ft fence up, that will not contain a GSD". I agree, IF its a GSD that wants to leave home.

    Issue #2: 2 days ago, my son was walking our dogs. Warden comes from the park lands that back up to my fence line, so he's in park land, and tells my son of a GSD loose that morning, walking up to people. Its not my GSD, as he's been with my son. its a black GSD handed in to ranger later.

    Issue #3: A GSD pair, are roaming together without a owner about a year ago. They are worrying livestock nearby. Guess who Warden visits. Us. This was 2 black GSD's. I was polite, welcoming, reassuring, friendly, and advised him where the 2 GSD's live, gave him the address. These 2 had also been tearing their way through my neighbours fence to get to the pug on the other side. It was a nasty dog/dogdog agression, that worried me, and i had warned the neighbour to reinforce the fence.

    Issue #4. I came home yesterday, to find a card that states 'michael' wants to talk to me about containment.

    I feel like im being stalked. I dont like cow towing to keep the peace. But when you have large so called menacing breeds, you need caution.
    But what right has he got? This was not my GSD.

    I want to tell him to bugger off and leave me and my well trained, well behaved, dog/dog friendlies alone!
    I also have a multiple animal permit. I fear for it. Should i lose it, 1 of my dogs would have to "go" to put me legally at 2 dogs once more. So this could have negative consequences for us, if i suggests he goes away.

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    I think you should maybe call your animal management officer at your local council and repeat this story to them, and say that every time there is a problem with GSDs not even the same colour as yours, a council ranger comes and checks up on you and yours.

    While it's nice council is making an effort - if the complaint is about black GSD - why are they knocking on your door - you feel harassed.

    And didn't you tell a story about the DDB taking himself for a walk - or was that someone else - tho I note it was the GSD that dobbed the others in without actually leaving...

    If the harassment continues - make the same point to your council ward representative. With photos of a black gsd vs a sable one.

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