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Thread: Robot Dogs

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    We are a kinda playful family, the dogs just join in. Mine will temper their strength, to the dog they are with, so the pups get the kid gloves, but if Pohm see's a equal size dog, she'll play equally rough, i dont mind her doing that with my large dogs, but dont let her play this rough with other peoples dog i have no control over.
    Its my kids ive had to watch for rough play, not the dogs generally

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    Maybe I'm being harsh on the lady as she has much more experience than me training dogs.
    Personally I think it's a bit like dog breeds. Each to their own (style).

    I don't equate good dog training with experience either. If she's old school and into always punishing a dog and never praising or rewarding when it's doing right - not my style. Anyone who gets their dog back to them and then yells at it "BAD BAD DOG NO!" etc. They don't understand what good dog training is about either.

    I try not to dispense advice about training unless someone asks. My dog can be very naughty at the park and I'm probably too slack or more inconsistent than I should be. I'm better at club training - because it's more shameful when she nicks off on a possum hunt. But getting her to understand what I want - is usually as simple as lifting her nose off the ground and praising when she pays attention to me instead of the possum poo bounty on the ground. Might have to do it twice but then she stops. The rot happens when I'm distracted or allow the sniffing...

    At the park - there is a sort of zone threshold of response. If I get her back and practice that inside the zone, all is good. If I let her out of the zone, she's across the park scavenging and it's difficult to stop her. And some areas are more tempting for her than others. There's always dropped food around the school and the footy clubrooms.

    Bad dog trainer for your enjoyment.
    Building Drive by "being" a Bad Dog Trainer - Say "Yes" Dog Training

    The dog in this video lived to 17 years old but sadly passed away last month. He's the star of a book called "Shaping Success" by Susan Garrett.

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