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Thread: Where to get help choosing a breed?

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    THank you for your honesty Hyacinth. Aside from the fact that I love the idea of giving a rescue dog a wonderful home, rescue dogs are really terrific value. I tried so hard to sell it to my husband!! Maybe I'll just keep pestering.

    I was on the phone to our local vet before, just finding out about pricing of microchipping and whatnot. She asked why we weren't rescuing a pup (said she personally sees so many beautiful, beautiful dogs being rescued). I told her about my husband and his stubborness and she said I just need to wine and dine him more to convince him it's a good idea. Probably the best advice I've received all day... I suddenly remembered how easily bribed he can be with a little alcohol!!

    It's still going to need to be something that has the 'look' that he likes. Which is going to be hard... He likes a slightly longer coat, wavy or curly and I just haven't seen many in my browsing... If only he liked staffys we would be set... the rescue places are always full of beautiful staffys!!

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    The dog you linked to is beautiful! But we're in SA and I don't know how we'd do a trial..? I figured we can only look locally for rescue animals? (Am I wrong about that?)

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    If you have a facebook account you could check out Paws and Claws adoptions. We got our Rox from them. They have two gorgeous non-staffy dogs up. Strezzy and Eddie... Sorry cannot link them here. They also have sometimes dogs in their care that aren't yet listed.

    Or... you could sign up as a foster carer and wait til your hubby falls in love with the right pooch. A warning tho. My OH wasn't so sure about a second dog either. I had to pester him for 2 long years to get one. But then he fell in love with Rox... and all of a sudden I was kind of 'outdated'. While the dog gets a sleep in in his arms in the mornings, all I get is a.. 'are you going to make coffee?'. Be careful what you wish for!
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    Funnily enough I've just been looking at Paws and Claws, Margoo. There are two black very young pups on there, Boo boo and Winnie, that appeal to us. Have left a message to chat about going to look at them. They're mixed breed but under the category of 'large'. Wonder what the mix is, it's such pot luck isn't it. 'Large' could mean anything... large like a lab... or large like an arish wolfhound! Lab size we could cope with but we really don't want bigger than that.

    Perhaps I'm best to keep my eyes on any new listings in the 'medium' category - there's nothing there at present but something might pop up.

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    careful, Dog Breeds of Australia: this was the dawning of my interest in my 4th dog. A Aussie Shepherd one day.
    I dont recommend my breeds: GSD, Rottie, French Mastiff. None of those are great with callers to the house when you are out.

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    Thanks Bernie. Appreciate the advice. I don't think we'd go for those breeds in anycase. And actually I can't think of a time we're ever out of the house! We're prisoners here due to our business!!

    Well that's not quite true. Weekends we go to the beach or a picnic or whatever (we do have SOME life outside of business). But hopefully if our pooch is OK with car trips they'll join us.

    I like that we're home all the time though. We're not likely to ever get broken into! A lot of people in our street seem to work from home, which makes it feel nice and safe. Not like one of those neighbourhoods where it's empty during business hours 'cause everyone's stuck in an office somewhere...

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    Trouble with the longer coat - is the shedding.

    Have you googled the Lagotto Romaglo and the Portuguese Water Dog?

    Both of these can clipped to any shape coat you like - similar to the poodle.

    But like I said before - along with the poodles - they can be a bit energetic. Working dogs.

    I'm having a hard time thinking of a non-shedding slightly shaggy couch potato dog.

    Hence maybe the all breeds shows are your best bet.

    finding the fight puppy should not be a rush - whether you go to a breeder or a rescue. A breeder can take a year or so to organise a litter from selecting and health checking the parents, to waiting for the right time for a mating, how long it takes from then to a puppy ready to go home (at least 8 weeks old)...

    It's similar with rescue - I think I was looking for about a year and a half before I actually found the right puppy and then it was sheer luck because the dog that I thought I was going to see -was gone already and there were blue cattle dog puppies - just like I wanted... that were never advertised because puppies go so quick from rescues. Ie to get a puppy from a rescue - you have to actually go out there when there are puppies, ideally before the "weekend rush".

    If you're looking at a rescue - it's often a good idea to find out what their place is like (visit) and what they need you to do (for RSPCA bring entire family including the cat) when choosing a dog to take home. You don't want to rock up, find the perfect puppy and then be told you can't take it home because you didn't bring the cat or the other dog or the children or get a fence check... rescue orgs are a bit more flexible than pounds/shelters about that, they have home trials and fence checks after you've chosen the puppy.

    Some dogs you can adopt from interstate - rescue orgs have contacts in other states they can send to check your place and see if the puppy would be a good fit. I think the trial would still happen - it would just be more expensive if you decide not to keep the dog - to send it back or hand it on to a local organisation to rehome.

    Don't restrict your search on pet rescue to "medium" - because your idea of medium and my idea, and the rescue idea - are often not quite the same. It would be nice if they had a sort of target range eg 25cm to 35cm at the shoulder and up to 20kg is medium... but they don't do that.

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    Hyacinth, the Lagotto Romaglo is just divine looking. Husband loves it to. Will do a bit more research to see if there's someone local we can chat to.

    I had my heart set on going to the SACA show on the 1st but now it turns out we have a family birthday that day. But looking at the SACA website there seemed to be a few other all-dog shows coming up soon. So that's fine. There's genuinely no hurry. Though you know what it's like when you get excited about these things... suddenly you're a kid again and you want it to happen all at once!

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    I'm pretty sure there are some LR breeders in SA. They'd be expensive but well worth it.

    Not sure how they'd fit into your lifestyle - the breeders should be able to help with that.

    There are two in SA. You could ring up and find out the best way to meet their dogs with a view to finding out if they'd be a good fit.

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    Well – with the LR - you are getting into the area of dog breeds that I love and that are the gundogs:

    Dog Breeds of Australia - Gundog listings

    You are really spoilt for choice with the above link.

    Don’t forget that breeders sometimes have older pups available. Then there is also the specific breed rescues which you can find on Dogzonline

    Dogs for Sale at Dogz Online

    Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dog Community of Australia

    and Petrescue.

    Australia-wide Rescue Directory - PetRescue

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