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Thread: Hello guys, new member, first post.

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    Default Hello guys, new member, first post.

    HI guys, as title says, new member etc.
    Been lurking around as a guest for a little but, figured I should say hi officially.
    Mega dog lover, favourite breed - Staffys, .
    A question I have is this.
    After dogsitting for a friend over xmas, Ollie the Staffy didn't end up going home and became a new family member, and to be honest he is a delight.
    The only downside has been that he managed to get Jiggy with Delta, our female staffy before we could get her neutered. I had no intentions of breeding her nor getting another dog so....anyways.
    Silver lining. 6 beautiful staffy pups, now 5 weeks old and everyone doing well.
    I know mum is all staffy even though she doesnt look like it compared to some others, but I would like some other dog minded people to give me their thoughts on dad. I think he is almost 100% staffy, but part of me cant put my finger on something that gives me a doubt.
    Could you guys let me know what your thoughts are on his pic please.

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    G'day Jase. Welcome aboard mate.

    Congrats on the new pups. Hope ya find good homes for them all.

    I'm no Staffy expert mate but the only thing that gets me wondering about dad is the colour. I just see so many blackish or brindle staffys these days its a change to see a brownish one. Probably means bugger all but other than that he looks Staffy to me.

    Good luck with the pups. Is dad due for the chop now he's done the deed ?

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    Welcome Jason, and congrats on your new squatter and pups!
    Im struck by the colour also. For same reason. I dont know much about staffies, but they tend to be brown/black/white or that horrid blue around these parts.

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    Ive seen a number of staffies this colour, maybe not quite this shade and eyes, but very similar, and even the mum is almost the same colour too, maybe slightly darker.
    Take the colour away from the question, would you guys say he is full staffy?

    As for him getting the snip? Probably not at this stage, Mum getting fixed? Yes.
    Now to start looking for homes for the pups. They are all so cute, but OMG hard work. lol.

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    Tan with a dark nose and maybe a bit of white on chest and tail - is a normal SBT colour. I like those because they tend to be less prone (but not completely immune) to skin allergies.

    The only way you can call a dog a pedigree or purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier is if you have ANKC papers for the dog. And then you should also be registering all the puppies - though you might have to go back to the parent dog's breeder to do that since you're not registered as a breeder.

    There are plenty of good reasons to get the boy the snip. Remember his balls are not your balls. Dogs that have their nuts are much more likely to get into dog fights or bite people. There are also some nasty diseases that you reduce the chance of him getting. And obviously he likes getting jiggy and that can lead to wandering problems not to mention how hard it is to keep the bitch you have from getting pregnant - as you have now found out.

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