Hello dog seeker,

In response to your wanted ideal dog in suitable to your lifestyle, there are several factors you may need to consider or assess:

1. Choosing a dog is almost like choosing a partner that is suited or a reflection of your own temperament and how you go about living your lifestyle. A must balance of similar personality traits for both to go hand in hand and bond. In most cases, what I can see is usually the dog is almost a reflection of the owner. This is an insight of yourself and personality type, eg. if you are a highly active or sporty person, then you would be considering a high energetic type of dog and breed.

2. The breed is not the quint essential of all and every importance. Like every types of animals of the same kind and breed, each and every of them are unique and different prior to their own personality and characteristic traits, such as humans. But it if you 'feel' a certain or particular breed of dog is more suited to you and your personality, you still then would need to 'experience' whether you have the connection or bond with that particular breed and of that ONE dog. My suggestion here is to go to either a dog center (Dog Rescue or RSPCA), as mentioned from other great replies, or a place where many dogs are possibly allocated and can be friendly mingled with other humans, eg. dog shows or dog cause events like Million Walk Paws etc.. To get to firstly experience, see and feel which breed is right for you.

3. When you have selected your breed of dog, then you can render down to bond and connect with a suitable personality trait dog to your liking. All depends WHERE you are looking to receive or buy or adopt your dog. Ask if you can take your dog home for a week (trial period) to get to know whether that dog is comparable to bond with you.

Just remember, as long as which breed and dog you end up with, they all provide unconditonal love and also do require the same in return. Good luck with your search and I know you will find that right dog that is perfectly suitable for you!

From: Natasha - Love Walk Paws

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Hi all,
I am hoping experienced dog owners can provide some insight as to what the best dog breed would be for my lifestyle. I am 27 and I have moved into a fully fenced property, with a reasonably large backyard area and a pool.

I am looking for an intelligent, calm, friendly dog to be my companion. I will be able to take it to work with me during the day, however other than at lunch it will need to stay in my office, next to me and be quiet and under control. It will be exposed to a lot of people at work, so needs to be friendly & calm and not bark/yap when it sees people/hears noises etc.

I live in Brisbane so it can get quite hot (don't know if this is a factor). I would be able to exercise it twice a day for at least 20 minutes each time, sometimes three times a day. There are no children or other pets in the household. I am hoping to find a breed that can be reasonably easily trained as it needs to be under control when at work, but also one that will be happy sitting by my side for hours as I work- not bored and running around destroying things.

Size and price are not an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have spent hours looking over breeds and have ended up confusing myself. Any help hugely appreciated