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    Hi Guys

    I have a few questions for you all....

    I have a 1 and a half year old Staffy x rescue dog. He was dumped with his brothers and sisters as a pup at the vet all were suffering from mange BADLY. Apparently Charlie's mange was so bad he's organs were starting to shutdown however he overcame it all and is perfect now

    We have had Charlie for about 8 months (we took him from a foster carer) and he has had no health issues at all however I have always wondered if his mange will come back, or if he will react to annual injections or if he really needs check-ups regularly. As I said he has been healthy (as far as we know) with no problems and the foster said the same thing but I always have that feeling in the back of my mind that I should be more cautious then I am.

    if you have answers or help please let me know


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    Peppersmummy, I'm not sure I completely understand your situation - are you with a rescue group or are YOU the rescue group, with the foster carer looking after the dog for you?

    If that is the case, you should be in constant contact with your foster carers so that they have all they need and know you are still trying to find a forever home for the pup, etc.

    But I digress...

    As to the mange, it really depends on the type of mange it was. Mange caused by sarcoptic mites or mange known as "wombat mange" or "fox mange" is generally caused by contact with other animals infected with that mange. Often it will attack pound dogs or dogs coming into rescue situations worse than your average well-cared for pet, because the dog is in generally poor condition to begin with.

    With demodectic mange (or demodex), every dog has these mites on their body and normally they don't cause any problem. However, situations such a suppressed or stressed immune system (again, with dogs in poor condition) or dogs who are emotionally stressed will succumb to the mange, that's when they need treatment.

    Sometimes the demodex comes back, and sometimes it doesn't. It depends on the individual dog.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the response chevbrock
    so basically Charlie was dumped at the vets, they had him for a bit and then a Rescue adopted him and a foster carer had him for a little bit. I am in no way associated with the Rescue Group I adopted him into my home so he is my puppy dog now

    They said everything is fine with him now and physically he shows no signs of damage from the mange, but because his mange was so severe and was attacking the organs because the immune system was so unhealthy I always wonder if he has damage or any problems currently even though he is mange free and 'healthy'

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    IMG_1017.jpg this was charlie when he was dumped

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    Poor baby!! Thank you for taking him in
    And an updated picture would be a really good idea because this one is awful!

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    My previous dog had mange when I was feeding her canned food, treatment from the vet sort of kept it under control, but it all went away when I switched get to a natural diet with raw meat....kangaroo or mutton, no beef.

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