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Thread: Ebay heated dog pads good or bad?

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    Default Ebay heated dog pads good or bad?

    just wondering coming up to winter i was thinking of buying a heated pad for my boarder collie and staffy the one im looking at is low wattage so should be safe for outdoor use

    are they ok to use for dogs?

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    No idea, my dog's heated pad is me, but then my dog is my heated pad lol

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    I dont know about staffys but a Border collie shouldnt need a heated dog bed. My Border collies would definitely avoid such a thing. I would also be worried in case they got chewed and started a fire or something.

    If they are outside dogs I would prefer to supply a draft and weather proof kennel with a decent a good thick matress to insulate them from the cold ground.

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    Why is your Stafford outside?

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    I've wondered about those heat pats too. It gets pretty cold inside our house in winter and I want to keep my dog warm in it's bed but worried about it chewing through things. Do you think that just having a jumper on would be enough? But mostly I just want to see my bulldog chuck a hissy fit like this - hilarious!

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