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Thread: People dog walking

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    there are a variety of pooches at my local dog park. There is a westie called Barry that is a bit testy and not at all afraid to stand his ground. Serena is clever enough to avoid him. Then there is Kevin, who is a long dog with a small dog's face and legs. Nice dog though and his owner is kind. There is also a staffy cross named Patch and Serena loves a good play scrap with him. They chase each other around until Serena looks like she's about to have a coronary. Most owners I have found to be really nice and everyone is there to have a good time with their dogs.

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    We have a lot of dogs around the area I live. There's a couple that walk their border collies early in the morning when i'm on my way to work. Place down the road from me has a cocker spaniel. I only know that because he went missing and the owner dropped in and asked if we had seen him.

    Apart from the border collies there isn't a lot of dog walking that goes on around me,probably because it's all acreage around me and i'm assuming most dogs get exercised on the property or not at all.

    We get all sorts down the beach and i've seen all sorts at the vets too. Great danes, rottweilers, sharpei's, bulldogs, staffies, greyhounds, labradors, you name it.

    There is a gentleman who walks two Saint bernards around where I work. They are HUGE and bloody georgeous looking dogs too.
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    We don't have that many dogs in our area (brand new development) but there are a few yards with dogs that I pass regularly and I've never seen them out. The Dobermann across the road does get walked on leas in the mornings. At least they do that. They treat this poor dog like crap otherwise (I saw his owner kick him the other day). But there's 3 dogs in the yard behind us and I've never seen them. And there's 2 big dogs on the corner that I've only heard and never seen. The local dog park gets busy on weekend afternoons but there's rarely anyone there during the week.

    I found in the "poorer" neighbourhood I lived in years ago, there were more backyard ornaments (one GSD in a yard backing the park. I used to encourage my dog to chase him along the fence early in the morning in the hope it would annoy his owners. I never even heard anyone talk to that dog in his yard and I passed there at least twice a day every single day for years). Lots of staffies too. When I moved to a richer, trendier suburb, there seemed to be more people walking their dog daily and I didn't notice many in yards near us that I never saw out.

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    I walk mine every day. Every day we are avoided by strangers walking their dogs. As mine are the large killer variety apparently.
    However, this summer, the heat saw folks with their small breeds overheating, visiting the lake, where my dogs were constantly.
    This forced the owners to either a) turn back and walk in heat home with dog disappointed or b) trust me when i say my dogs are friendly, and wont kill theirs. As 2 brave new souls chose to stick around, maybe let their dogs sniff mine on a leash. 40 degree heat won, and they let their dogs go after seeing mine come instantly when called, will drop for a small to take a good sniff at them. Except Brian, who just sticks his arse in the air, and his head under their bellies till they agree to play with him. And most people can read a dog that's desperate to play, so its all good.
    We now have quite a few people who swam with my dogs during the heat, that are not running in opposite direction if we appear

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