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Thread: What breed is this?

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    Thanks for your replies.

    And thanks for a very indepth post Hyacinth.

    I had similar concerns from doing a little research of my own and in the end decided it wasnt worth the risk. Last I heard she went to another loving home. Hopefully one that makes more cash than I do and can pay for any problems that may or may not arise in the future.

    Thanks again guys.

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    thanks Sean L

    I do love an update. Let us know if you spot another one you like.

    Otherwise is a great source of dogs needing homes. If you don't mind a bitsa of unknown heritage.

    If you want a pedigree rescue - sometimes the relevant breed clubs know about ones that need rehoming for various reasons.

    Look for a dog or puppy that is over 8 weeks old, has been mirco chipped and consider getting it desexed. Or get one already desexed. There are pros and cons to desex and when to desex but if you're not into the expensive risky mess that can be puppies - desex is a really good idea.

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