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    I have a 6 year old un spayed female spoodle that has taken to howling in the middle of the night when the scrub hens start their calling. Can anyone suggest a way of putting a stop to this very annoying habit?

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    Does she get attention from you for doing it?

    My dog used to go off at Magpies yodelling at about the same time - in August.
    And freight trains...

    I'd put her collar and put her back to bed - saying nothing.

    If I thought she needed to potty - we'd do that on lead so she couldn't run round barking at stuff.

    Sometimes I let her out for night time potty / cat patrol but that often leads to an increase of early early morning wake up calls.

    Our current problem is chewing - her munching on herself at 5:30am - next to my bed - wakes me up.

    Putting her collar on and just interrupting all the licking seems to help a bit.

    If I couldn't stand it - she'd be going to her crate to sleep and if she made any noise in there, I'd cover it up so she couldn't see out. And I reckon she'd probably scream for two nights and then give up and it would be worth it.

    The main thing is - what do you do (what do your neighbours do) when she starts up? It could be a fun thing to do ie needs no attention from you to encourage it, which would mean you'd have to do something. A water pistol aimed to distract (a near miss is good - you don't actually want to connect) might be a start. And then the crate system.

    Note if you're going to use a crate, the dog has to be crate trained to like being in there first.

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    Bring the dog or the scrub hens inside

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