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Thread: Buddy Got Out Today!!!

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    If they enjoy each other's company it could be great.

    They do take time to settle as adults, and to leave the bad stuff behind them. I have a foster here who has been here for several months and is also only just starting to settle hormone-wise (about four months since desexing). Damn testosterone, lurking about where it's not wanted!!

    Plus if he's been through a few different places - first home, pound, rescue etc - he will take a little while to figure out that he's now home to stay.

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    The only possible issue I see.... where are they going to be, your home or this lady's? My worry would be, is it going to confuse them again? I don't know much about this kind of thing, never had a wondering dog....
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    Then they could just learn to escape together...

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    I would try it.
    Maybe a few minutes at a time, on weekends first-closely supervised. See how he goes, maybe he won't be interested in running off,might be too busy concentrating on his 4-legged buddy.
    I'd be very careful though, as like Occy said they could learn to escape together.

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    aww Nat..... glad to hear that Buddy is home safe & sound a behaviorist sounds like a good idea, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, hopefully it will help Buddy with he's anxiety issues.

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    I have my doubts about having a playmate, although it kind of sounds like a great idea. But then on the other hand, its not really going to help the situation as he would probably get even more confused going from one place to another!!
    I think we're just going to have to stick it out and confine him to a smaller place, loads of toys etc. I've also been practicing today being out for say 5 minutes at a time, or making him not sit on the lounge with me and sit / stay while I walk away for a few minutes at a time etc. He seems to be picking up very easily and I think he must have had basic obedience training.

    I think its just going to take some time for him to settle..

    Cat door is now fixed and so is the hole in the fence, so no way out this time. Next issue is dealing with the neighbours!!

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