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Thread: What to do next?

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    Thanks. I didn't know if I had that option. I will do the letter and I think I have to let it go.

    Office of Fair Trading said I had a very good case of defective goods (that sounds so harsh.....) but if I take it to a tribunal there is a chance that I could get ordered to return the goods for the refund and repairs. A chance I am not willing to take. As much as the money would help so much my boy is far more important.

    Thanks everyone for your input and advice.

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    I didn't know if I had that option
    They cant' stop you from sending a letter to them. What they do with it after that is up to them but at least you tried. Ask your vet to write up his (or her) opinion, the treatments, and the total cost so far and the anticipated cost and attach that as support for why they're not getting $150 from you.

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    So, how did everything go with this?

    How is your pup Corellio?

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    He underwent his second operation 5 weeks ok. He was starting to show nuerological problems with his back, so it was euthanise or operate. Thought the specialist we managed to get finance and after a MRI and CT it was determined his vertebrae were so deformed it was compressing it.

    Very happy to say though that the operation while not smooth has been good . They said he wouldn't recover from the damage already done but he is a fighter and they are now calling him the miracle child. There was no temporary paralysis or incontinence which occurs after the op and he was walking around two days after the operation. His neurological damage has also all but disappeared. He goes back in four weeks for X-rays to see how his little spine has knitted and then hopefully gets the all clear.

    He will always have stomach problems but we can deal with that but seeing him so much better is definitely mending my heart and helping me get over my anger . He was definitely worth fighting for even if he has ended up costing us over $20 000.

    He now also has his own blog letting the world know his story and his conditions and hopefully helping people be more aware of the conditions that aren't talked about . Thanks for asking.

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