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Thread: Ok this time I did the yelling

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    Angry Ok this time I did the yelling

    So a little while ago one of the members here talked about a woman stopping her car and yelling at them because they thought they were doing something wrong with the dog and the member was understandably upset because it sounds like they weren't doing anything wrong at all.

    However just got home from work and I got to admit I just stopped my car to yell at someone with a dog. Driving through windy roads and come through a blind corner there is a girl on my side of the road walking in front of her dog (so couldn't see it) carrying the leash in her hand which was in no way attached to the dog. The dog (a beautiful little bulldog my favourite!) is happily sniffing the grass right on the edge of the road and when it sees my car starts to move towards the road!!!

    So I'm doubly pissed one because she is taking no care at all of her dog, and two because its a bulldog (the breed I'm waiting for) and all I can think is that she doesn't deserve the dog! I serve to miss the dog and then pull over open the car door and say 'You want to put that dog on the leash? I almost hit it!' she replies 'she wasn't going to go on the road' me: 'And how am I supposed to know that? She lunged straight for me!' the girl backed down and put the dog on the leash but for Christ's sake why have a bloody leash if you aren't going to use it?? This wasn't an off leash park it was a very narrow walking path directly next to the road on a blind corner and she wasn't even watching the dog!

    Sorry I was just so mad. Wanted to pick up the dog and say 'If you can't look after her you don't deserve the beautiful girl!'.

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    I've lost count of how many dogs I've almost killed because people weren't watching them. Would be horrible is my reflexes where not very good

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    It's good to have a rant.

    The other poster's problem with being yelled at - their dog was on lead and they were training not to pull by stopping when it did. And they got yelled at for that by a nut job know nothing.

    Nothing like your situation.

    I would be tempted to say something like put your kamikaze dog on lead or I call the cops.

    And times like this it would be nice to have a dash cam.

    It's not legal in South Australia to walk a dog along a road or footpath off lead.

    The really sneaky thing to do would be to pull over somewhere safe and say hello to her dog and see how long it takes her to notice then say what a gorgeous dog - where did you get it? and if it's not the two wells / Virginia puppy mill mob... let the breeder know your concerns.

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    I was saying to my OH with all the waiting I've done for my puppy to see someone not look after their bulldog properly is like trying with IVF for ages and seeing someone leave their kids unattended in a swimming pool, you just think 'You don't deserve them!'

    My OH's reaction was 'You not allowed to have IVF to get a puppy' he knows how desparate I'm getting. But I tell you if that little bulldog come into our yard I won't be calling the council like I did for the Samoyed! Finders keepers me thinks

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