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Thread: looking for knowledgeable suggestions

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    Red face looking for knowledgeable suggestions


    I don't currently own a dog, but am hoping too in the near future. I've been doing my own research but I wanted to get some advice from some people with a bit more knowledge than me as I feel as though my head is about to explode lol. I also want to ensure the dog we get is going to come home to us and be in it's furrrrever home, which is why I'm investing so much in finding the perfect pet for our situation. Might be easiest is I list the main bits in list form!

    *suited to apartment living, we currently live in a small house with a small front yard that is not secure - so future pup will be an indoor dog although will of course be taken for walks and to my sons soccer etc.
    *O.k to be left alone, I work 4 days p/week, although my mum will usually be able to doggy sit on one of those days, but at her house.
    *GREAT WITH KIDS! I have a 5 year old son, who has mild ASD.
    *low to no shedding - or not difficult to prevent. Am happy to brush at night while watching telly, but I don't want dog hair everywhere.
    *quiet. I share a common wall with me neighbours who do not want a barking pup.
    *relatively low energy, as we are low on space, but still able to keep up and play with my son.

    I grew up with a lab and loved her to bits, we had a few other family dogs after her, but my son has never had a pet dog (which slightly kills me!). So that being said, Im a big dog girl at heart although I realise with all our constraints we will likely get a smaller dog.

    I have been wanting a dog for about 5 years haha, but due to renting have found it difficult to commit. We have found a stable rental now (been here 2 years) and our landlords are considering allowing us to have a dog. which is great!! But am going to have to take their wants into consideration.

    I would ideally like to adopt a dog, but no older than 7 as I need to take my son into consideration (i don't want him to get attached and then have to say goodbye a year later). I have been trawling through rescue pages but have found it difficult to impossible to find a rescue dog that will be happy in our home. And those dogs deserve to be happy!!!

    If we do have to go for a puppy, i'm happy to spend up to $1,500 although obviously the less the better! I do not want a puppy farm dog, or one the remotely resembles a puppy farm, no matter how many rolling green hills they are surrounded by! I'll admit that I have slightly fallen in love with the cavoodles, but the risk of puppy farm has made me seriously reconsider.

    I've also read up on boston terriers, but have had conflicting accounts on barking and their health concerns. Great danes have also entered my mind but I'm not sure if quite believe the 'suited to apartment living' comments! haha (we dont have an apartment.. 2 bedroom house with two large living areas.. well its a house that got divided into two and we have the front bit)

    I hope I've not annoyed people, please point out any ignorance of mine! And if I've posted this in the wrong area.. my apologies!

    Thanks for any and all advise!!!!
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    *advice. please excuse all typos =/

    Forgot to also add that we do live about 5mins walk from dog friendly beaches, so running around time will be available!
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    hi doggiehelp?

    You can edit your typos if you click on edit post at the bottom of your post after you posted it. I find it helps me to type long posts into a separate text editor like notepad and then copy and paste it into the post / reply form.

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have a friend whose grandsons - one has mild ASD (Aspergers) and one is non verbal and completely freaked out, in an arm waving yelling and screaming (no words just distressed noise) by any dog except his own. Which is a cocker spaniel.

    It's a very cute dog. Most people I know who have these get them clipped every 6 to 8 weeks and you want to make sure you get one from a responsible breeder who will let you meet the parent dogs and check their health reports for genetic problems. Actually that goes for any kind of dog you want a fair chance of getting what you paid for. The exception would be rescue dogs that are not pedigree. With them - what you see is what you get. If you get one through an organisation that fosters their dogs out to homes, then the person who is looking after the dog will be able to give you plenty of info about how the dog is in their home.

    Renting is always difficult with dogs. Unless your landlord agrees to a 15 year lease with you, you may find you're looking to move and having a hard time finding anywhere. Some breeders and rescues just flat refuse to sell to renting people because too many dogs they home to renters are returned homeless or dumped or PTS when the renters have to move.

    My brother has a groodle - which is a most enormous dog - which he rescued from a family - one of the children has mild ASD - but none of them could deal with this dog when it grew out of puppy cutes. The parents had no idea they needed to train it and couldn't train their children how to be with it either.

    A smaller dog would be easier.

    I think a cavalier king Charles spaniel might be good. They don't like being home alone much but they adore children, and are small and manageable. I don't know many breeds of dogs that like being home alone but also like being with people. Most dogs will sleep all day while their owners are out.

    Labrador puppies and herding dog puppies are probably the main exception. The smarter the dog is and the more energetic and the fitter, the more destructive they can be when they go looking for their own fun.

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    PS a GAP greyhound might be perfect. They are couch potatoes and don't need much walking and are super gentle. They love being with people but don't mind being on their own.

    Some of them are not that great with (running) cats. Most of the ones that have been through the adoption training - have learned not to chase small fluffy things.

    Variations on that theme are Whippets, and to a lesser extent Italian greyhounds tho Iggies don't always like children.

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    Maybe try to find a small rescue organisation who can tell you about the dogs personality. I'd go for one who works with foster carers rather than having their dogs in a kennel all day. That way you get a socialised dog and the informed opinion from someone who has spent some time with it in a home environment.

    This is a link I just found on personality traits in dogs. Very interesting Animal Farm Foundation - Infographics

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    If you can give the dog an hour or so daily at the beach, then a Stafford ticks most of your boxes. I'd want one that was two or three years old though as if they're younger than that and left alone they will destroy things/houses. Again, even an older one, if not given it's hour or so at the beach daily they can become destructive. They are generally great with kids so if you get one through a reputable rescue organisation they should be able to find you one that's been proven around kids.

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    I would have to say a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as well, I love these dogs they are such sweethearts! When I was a volunteer at the RSPCA I fell in love with a beautiful little guy and I wish I had of taken him home.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I think either a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a retired Greyhound would be great for your situation. Cavaliers are really gentle dogs, they love doing stuff with their family too Greyhounds are beautiful too, they're surprisingly lazy actually

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    I was thinking cavalier or rescue greyhound too. I know heaps of Greyhounds that happily live in apartments! Please don't give up on looking at rescue dogs, I have 2 rescues and truly believe that they are the most loving, wonderful, loyal and 'thankful' dogs around - your perfect rescue will show up when you're ready

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    Are you able/eligible to get an assistance dog ?

    Have you seen these websites ?

    RPA Autism Assistance Dogs

    Autism Service Dogs

    Smart Pups website home


    Dogs breeds that I would suggest you have a think about are:

    Poodles – standard and miniature – about the only breed that is non-shedding;

    As ‘mymatejack’ suggested - a Staffy – they are not called the ‘nanny’ dogs for nothing.

    Also agree with others – the suggestion of a GAP Greyhound.

    GAP >> GRV Clubs > Home

    Like the idea of a rescue pup – as ‘margoo’ suggested from a rescue that uses foster carers.

    Also don't forget about rescues that specifically deal with just one breed of pup.

    Not that keen on a cavalier – mainly because of their health problems and I don't think they are robust enough for what you want.
    Good Luck ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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