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Thread: looking for knowledgeable suggestions

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    Please also note that "rescue" does not automatically mean "crossbreed". There are breed-specific rescues for almost every breed you can think of.

    My only concern is that you work long hours and you don't have a lot of secure yard, so many rescues may not consider you as a suitable home for their dogs. If this is so, please don't take it to heart - they have invested a lot of time and energy into this dog who most likely has not had the best start in life, and they want to make sure everyone is happy.

    Another option to consider is to contact registered breeders - sometimes they have older dogs available - either at the end of their breeding career and looking for a good retirement home, or a puppy they kept on as a potential show dog that didn't make the grade - nothing major, just some sort of conformation fault that only a show judge would see.

    It may also be an idea to take your family along to a dog show, talk to breeders there, and also get a gauge on what dogs your son will like and what ones he will not.

    To be honest, I think a puppy would not be suitable for your situation, but that is my personal opinion.

    All the best with your search!

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    Both my dogs(one mostly Stafford and one pedigree) have interacted with kids with autism. I don't really have any understanding of the differences between aspergers and autism. But, what I will say is that both my dogs were able to realise that "this kids a little different" and interacted accordingly. My last dog Jack had this thing sorted to a tee ... I took him to a mates place one night when he had a girl around who was scared/hated dogs. Jack picked up on that vibe imediately and while he initially hung by my side, when we all sat down to watch a movie, he made his move, and slowly slinked his way over to the person he knew didn't like him .... eventually made his way up onto the opposite end of the couch and again, eventually slinked his way over to the dog hater, where he eventually placed his head on her lap with his big puppy dog eyes(= newly converted stafford lover). My new dog Brock, who is still just a pup at 19 months or so, has interacted with a non-verbal autism kid, I can't say he was quite as refined and elloquent as Jack but he still got there. Staffords are amazing, but you definately need to be dedicated to providing for their needs.
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    If you want a dog that will help your kid then Stafford is the only breed. I'm usually very hesitant to recommend them because they do need an owner that will spend time with them, both training and just fun/excercise. If you can provide the fun/excercise, your kid will find a friend for life in a Stafford. If you can't offer the hour or two a day of excercise that a Stafford requires then please go for a differnt breed. If you want more info on this breed, feel free to ask

    ETA : I should have said, it's more than just the hour or two or excercise that's needed to keep a Stafford happy, they will always want to be playing games and will always need human interaction. They can survive 7 or 8 hours a day by themselves but they need to be an absolute family member at all other times ... trust me, it won't be long until your entire family just see's your Stafford as a member of your family
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    What state do you live in?

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    Get a cavalier, it ticks all the boxes. Frankly you would be better off with a well bred, pedigree pup you can raise to be around your children and exactly how you want. A good cavy is quiet, gentle and happy just to be around the family. A good diet and regular short brushes will keep the hair down.

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    I'm not sure I'd recommend an SBT - my brother's dog was great with his kids - the dog was there first and well trained to behave using other people's children

    But it was also like a self propelled canon ball... and I'm not sure ASD kids like surprises all that much. It would depend on the kid a lot and how well he handles surprises and being accidentally bumped occasionally.

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    Thank you all so much for your considered opinions.

    Renting has made things very difficult, but luckily for us in two year time I should be in a position to buy - so I'm confident we can keep at the rental game with a pup during that short time period (given we will most likely stay where we are for those two years anyway.

    A rescue dog would definitely be my first preference, but as others have mentioned, our situation isn't really a foster carers first preference! I also don't feel confident in adopting from anywhere but a foster carer as they are much more likely to be able to give me an honest and true account of the dogs nature. As I've said, the last thing I would want to do is adopt a dog only to find that he is not happy with us =( The poor things deserve to be happy more than any other. In a few years time when my son is older, we have a secure backyard, own a home and I have the possible option of working from home I will most definitely be looking at adopting a friend for our first doggy! I will keep scouring rescue pages, and please link me to any dogs you feel are suitable, but in my search so far it doesnt look like a very likely option for us right now.

    I've got lots more to think about before I make our final decision (I'm in no rush so that doesnt matter!) But please feel free to link me to any rescue dogs, breeders etc that you feel will be appropriate! One final question - does a dogs sex (they will be desexed) make a difference??

    Thanks again so much,


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    Also - we are in NSW - about halfway between Sydney and Newcastle but am happy to travel about 6ish hours for the right dog as well =)

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    This is a group that I have a real soft spot for:

    Big Dog Rescue

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