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Thread: What breed is my dog?!

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    Red face What breed is my dog?!

    My mum just recently adopted a rescue puppy. She is about 5 months old and the place said she is a Border Collie cross. Since taking her to dog training school everyone has been asking me if she is a mix of Dalmatian. I know it's hard to tell exactly what she is but I would like to know what everyone thinks!? Needless to say she such a smart and calm dog.



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    Ok a better photo would help.

    from that tiny thumbnail that doesn't get any bigger when I click on it, I'd be guessing English Pointer cross. They're very similar to dalmations.

    Quite a few BC have ticking or spots through their coat as well, and there is some shared ancestry with Dalmations. It's more obvious in Cattle dogs but some BC have a similar look.

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