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    Hey everyone,

    I have a ten years old Chihuahua (I know, it's more of a middle-aged dog!), we adopted him together with my sister about a year ago: he was in a very distressful situation when his owner (a truly old lady) died, and he needed a place to stay. Since then, he's been living with me, but I had an agreement with my sister (a vet!): every time I have to go away for a while, she keeps him. He seems to be absolutely fine about it (I sometimes have to travel for one or two weeks), but now something has come up: I have to leave the country for 15 months because of my work. Therefore, she's going to keep him, but she's stressing out that as soon as I come back I should get him back. I'm going to come back and see him as often as I can while I'm away (about twice a month), but I'm wondering if this situation in all right with him. Should I convince my sister to adopt him?

    Thank you very much for reading!!

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    Hi MC

    I think your dog will be fine. But your sister might have to get some details put in her name like microchip and council rego while he stays with her. Some of the Adelaide region councils expect you to register the dog in their area if it's going to be there longer than two weeks. And it's no good having microchip details with your contact details if you can't answer the phone and deal with it when you're away. Think squillions in roaming costs because you will have to maintain your phone contact.

    And your dog will remember you when you get back - I think they remember people they haven't seen for 2 years or more. Certainly my old family kelpie cross did. She'd get SO EXCITED when any of us out of the nest came back... Yours is not going to have to wait that long.

    You're so lucky to have a sister willing to look after your dog. Our family kelpie x was originally my sister's dog and she abandoned it with my mum when she moved to Perth. And then claimed she was too allergic to it to look after it. Sigh.

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