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Thread: Age for carrying weight

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    Default Age for carrying weight

    My bc x koolie pup is now 9.5 months old and getting to that very energetic stage.
    I was thinking about getting him a backpack to carry water in, does he need to be 12 months old before doing this?

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    What are you trying to achieve here ? You mention that your pup is getting very energetic – so you are wanting to load him up to get rid of the excess energy ? All you will achieve there is getting an even fitter pup !

    Anyway, he is way too young as far as I am concerned for this sort of thing – similar to other sports like agility - 18 months or older – would be a more appropriate age.

    What sort of training do you do with him ? Getting the pup to use his brain will tire him out a lot quicker than what you are suggesting.

    Trick training, hide and seek, find an object are just a few suggestions for you !

    Have a look at this link for other ideas:

    kikopup - YouTube

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    I was aiming to give him a job to do.

    I do obedience and agility training with him (only in the backyard) and also commands while playing so he has to listen to me when excited.
    Mental exercise seems to make him have more energy rather the. Getting rid of it, soccer, fetch and using a flirt pole work to get rid of his energy but I was looking for different things to do with him.

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    hi sheena

    I agree with Riley - more trick training - and learning new tricks - like a new trick every week.

    I would not ask him to do jumping before he was 12 to 18 months old. And I would not ask him to carry weight until he was 18 months old. This is because his joints are not done growing, and hopefully they will last longer ie he won't be a stiff old cripple before his time.

    but there are loads of other things he can be working on like "body awareness" and "flexibility" and strength exercises (eg sit pretty and stand pretty or tall).

    Idea List for Shaping | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog


    Puppy One Hundred (and thirty five) | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog

    And for each skill he knows - try to make it more difficult by adding distractions (eg bowls of food or running people or dogs) or trying from different angles. Eg weavers from different angles - tho SG doesn't train weavers until the dog is about 14 months old too. But you can train tight turns around pool noodles (or sulo bins or tall buckets etc).

    PS a dog can get very excited about the actual training session, it's afterwards that mine crashes and sleeps for ages. Tho I admit with a coolie x BC - finding the off switch is going to be hard. So long drop-stays might be your only answer.
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    I honestly don't really do much actual training with him, after training sessions it takes him roughly 2 hours to calm down.
    Haven't done any jumps with him yet, just slow weave, tunnel, following the direction I want him to go in.

    Is it 12 months or 18 months before I can run with him?

    He doesn't really need more exercise than what he's already getting, just looking for different things that don't cause him to get too excited

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    I think you can train a dog to be calm ("click to calm") like it's a trick.

    But you do have a coolie x bc - and if you don't engage their mind a bit - even if they do get excited about it, I think you're in for trouble because they will then find their own ways to relieve boredom that you might not like.

    So - depending what kind of agility you do eg ADAA - I think is 18 months and ANKC its 18 months and there is another variety I forget.

    ADAA: Frequently Asked Qustions about Dog Agility

    So body awareness starts with "perch work" - with my dog I get her to put paws up on a phone book wrapped in a towel. The phone book that is still shink wrapped is perfect. Start with one paw, then two, two front, then two back then working on pivoting with some paws on the book and some on the ground, vary the height, texture...

    Used this perch work to get her to stand or sit on the bathroom scales so I can weigh her. I did cheat a bit and covered the glass in some of that rubber grippy stuff for the bottom of kitchen drawers. Cut a notch out so I can still read the weight display. She's really good at this now.

    Really fundamental to agility training - is rewarding in place - and then playing with the dog so a dog that will chase to a toy and then fetch it to you for tug - is great and it has taken forever for my dog to figure this out. Tho her fave thing to chase and then victory lap (oops) then fetch and tug is my cotton sun hat. Which isn't very good for the hat but looks hysterical as half the time she's doing victory laps and it's covered her face so she can't see where she's going. Just as well it's a big grassy oval.

    Tugs on bungee cords are good for this game too.

    And a really good sit or stay that you can't fake your dog out of, no matter what running and squealing.

    And a really good release word. My current one is "go" cos that's what pops in to my head when we're lined up at the start. Except - it's also want a lot of judges say "when you're ready you may go" which does my head in. So far my dog has never listened to anyone else telling her to "go".

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    you choose game: where he has to do X before you open your hand and allow the treat to be eaten.
    X begins with something simple, like a sit. Then you can add increasingly more and more to the X, sit, stand, laydown and bark, to open up my hand. Use a clicker.
    or just google rear end awareness and start by chunking down a lesson plan written out. Clicker train it chunk by chunk.

    i have 2 herders. A working GSD and a rottie. Both love Treiball. Google it. Its a sport for high prey drive dogs, without the sheep. And teaches the dog the off button, which is rarely found in a 9 month Koolie < what were you thinking? lol

    grooming. slows my dogs from hectic to coma fast. They lurve the grooming!

    And downstay on your bed for 20 mins.
    sounds scarily familiar you set of wants. How to turn the dog off or down. Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a herder, over it yet? lol

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    well i can vouch for sheena's problem pup.
    the more you do with this pup the worse he gets...

    also is there a cure for super needy pup....

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    What was I thinking? He is a beautiful boy, energetic, obedient and in my eyes perfect.
    He is calm in the backyard and up until recently was calm inside (new kitten is exciting him)
    My other 2 dogs are half herding dogs too, so I knew what I was in for.

    How would you do treiball in a backyard?

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    treiball in back yard. hmm, I could try this - I have one of those fitness balls...

    I think I would use a clicker for this...

    Click for interact, and reward (treat / toy near the ball), click for nudging and not biting...

    there's a few youtube videos on it. Or teaching your dog to play soccer (without eating the ball).

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