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    Hi All,

    This is no doubt a common question but I'll be damned if I can have any luck with the search function.

    In 3 weeks we'll be picking up the first dog for our young family, I've been wanting one for a while but waited till my girls were a little older (4 and 6 months)

    We're getting a Yellow Lab femail from a reputable breeder in Perth and cannot wait.

    In the mean time I'm busy puppy proofing our backyard and buying everything we may / may not need upon her arrival.

    I've never trained a dog using a crate before but have done the research and it seems like a very effective method and so I have ordered a 36 inch crate which will be here before the pup arrives home.

    I would like to get some kind of padding or bedding for inside the crate and was wondering what people suggest.

    I understand I'm getting a puppy that will love to chew and would like to get something that is considered "chew resistant". Who know's I might be lucky and she doesnt like chewing (ha!)

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    While I'm at it, what size bowls should I be buying for water and food? Anyone suggest a good one online to buy?


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    Hi 'craggles' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here – so here are some links to start you off:

    Free downloads | Dog Star Daily

    Knowledge Base | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    English | Dogmantics Dog Training

    kikopup - YouTube

    WoW - Congratulations on getting a new pup in 3 weeks - how exciting and there had better be heaps of photos on this thread - when she arrives– please !

    Pleased that you are looking at a crate – they are soooooo useful !

    Have you paid for your crate yet ? Because I would get a 42” one instead of the 36” – just get one that has a divider included – then it is a good size for when she is an adult pup – so you don't have to buy another one later.

    Don't blow all your dough on fancy stuff for the pup – because they are like kids – prefer the wrapping paper and boxes instead of the actual toy !

    I can't do without:

    Puppy gates:

    child gate in Perth Region, WA | Gumtree Australia Free Local Classifieds | Page 1

    Compost bin – I have 2 sets – so easy to set up a playpen for a pup – inside or out:

    Compost Bin Storage Cage I/N 3160000 | Bunnings Warehouse
    I haven't answered all your questions - but this will be a start for you ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    My dog slept in a well chewed cardboard box until she was about 12 months old or so and then I got one of those plastic tub beds, and lined that with old pillows and towels and blankets and the odd fleecy (you can get single bed sized ones for about $5 through winter at big w or target etc - just choose one in pale colours - black or dark blue has a nasty toxic smell to it).

    she still chews bedding, sox, hats... so nothing I care about being intact is where she can get it. I keep the bedroom door to yummy shoes, and washing baskets - shut most of the time.

    She doesn't chew my furniture for which I am grateful but a few cushions have copped it.

    In her crate - when she was very small - I put newspaper - which she shredded, and old towels - easy to clean - doesn't matter if she chews them. It is possible to cover a crate - tho my evil hound pulled the covers (sheets and things) into the crate and chewed them - until I put a cardboard box cover over it. She couldn't quite pull that in.

    Cow hoofs last a long time against my dog's chewing. Pigs ears - are about 3 seconds of joy followed by about 3 days of tummy upset - because they are quite high fat even tho they don't feel greasy.

    Susan Garrett's Crate Games
    they have Susan Garrett's Crate Games - for training a dog to be happy in the crate, and a few other handy things like a reliable stay and release and enthusiasm for training. With a small puppy you would just do a few sessions of each step - and then release and play outside the crate and life as normal, in the crate when you need and out when you can supervise. Puppies take a bit longer than 20 minutes to get stage 3 and they don't get it all at once. My dog took 20 minutes - but she was about 18 months old the first time we went through all the steps. There's some trouble shooting (like if the dog won't come out the crate at all - happens...) at the end.

    And there's this too.
    Crate Training : The Humane Society of the United States

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    I gave my pups blankets from the op shop, cheap enough to replace as needed.

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    Another vote for op shop

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    Ive been giving dogs blankets from op shop for years. Bernie has a fetish for fake fur blanket (classy bastard eh?) these are $60 cheapest new, $5 op shop.

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