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Thread: How to spot a Dangerous Owner

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    Unhappy How to spot a Dangerous Owner

    Quote Originally Posted by 99bottles View Post
    I think we need a 'dangerous owner' label.
    I think that nature already has this one sorted.
    Think about dangerous owners you have met. There are so many labels/signs about their behaviour that warn me loud and clear, they are dangerous.
    here's some ive noticed...
    they walk across fields, not around the perimeter so as to not ruin crops.
    they leave gates open
    they pick their dogs up to 'protect' them from me and mine who pass them
    they have little clothing on to protect them from the sun
    they shout at your dog and 'shew' them away with flapping arms and raised voice
    they go from hostile to verbally abusive rapidly
    their dogs are on leash in off leash areas
    their dogs are off leash in on leash areas
    they walk their dogs only on better weather days
    their dogs are aggressive and reactive on leash, with no intervention from owner
    or they like to enter the dog pound without my permission (< my brother in law)
    they forget its an predator animal they have on a leash with instincts and drives, that can overtake being a human's companion at times

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    here's some ive noticed...
    They don't watch their dogs,
    They don't pick after their dogs, or themselves.
    They abuse you if you point out their dog has crapped and do they need a bag?
    They don't have a lead for their dogs at all.
    The dogs often have choke chains or no collar at all and no rego disks.
    They often bring their dogs to the park after dark and let them run and crap where they can't see.

    We don't usually have crops to walk around, here in the city... but I guess I've seen these people walking through flower beds like they were the path.

    All I can hope is kharma gets people like this and they step in their own dog's crap. Which is what happens to me if I don't pick it up as fast as it comes out.

    PS this would make a good standalone thread...
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    I don't think a lot of people take into account - or realise - just how their own behaviour and the way they handle different situations effects their dogs and their dogs behaviour:

    What makes an aggressive dog, and how you can spot one


    Social referencing: we influence how our dog sees the world | Smart Animal Training Systems...

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    They happily let their dog walk up to yours without asking if it's ok with you.
    They happily let their kids run up to pat your dog without asking.
    They walk their dogs on winding country roads (like the one I live on) in the dark with no high vis clothing on so you can't see them till the last second.
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    I get a bit nervous if I see a dog without a collar. There is a staff owner who 'walks' his dog, a male, at my local dog beach. the dog seems nice and typically friendly but if it gets into a scrap with another dog or gets aggressive - how on God's earth is that dog going to be restrained?

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    "They have little clothing on to protect them from the sun" .... WTF Bernie ....LOL i live in board shorts and singlets and i hate wearing singlets !!!

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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