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Thread: How can I groom a short-haired dog? Brush recommendations?

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    Default How can I groom a short-haired dog? Brush recommendations?

    There are many things I love about Sammy and one of those is that he has a short, single layer coat that means he doesn't have the typical doggy smell. However, he's no poodle and the fur does fall out. I can't believe he's not bald with the amount of hair that I find around the house, and every time I use the dryer it collects enough lose hair off our clothes and towels to make another dog. (There might be some exaggeration here but there really is a noticeably large amount of hair)

    I have tried buying expensive anti-shedding brushes and lint rollers. I vacuum every week with a Dyson 'pet hair removal' beast of a machine and wash him once a fortnight. But I can not move the hairs. Brushes scrape over the top of them whilst they're still on him and once they find a soft material (like say the back seat of my car) they weave in and can't be removed without tweezers. I have a seat protector but these hairs get into spaces they shouldn't be able to.

    I figure I can't be the only one in this situation and someone out there must be handling it better than what I am. Does anyone know of any brushes that are effective on short-haired dogs?

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    I use three things...

    For the dog - I use a cheap imitation chamois - damp -rub over her coat. It's great for sopping up water after a trip to the beach and hose off. and it gets heaps of fur out too.

    I also use a rubber curry comb or something like a zoom groom.
    Anatomic Coarse Curry Comb: Kits & Brushes: STABLE & GROOMING - Saddleworld Dural, NSW Australia, Horse Riding Equipment

    Online Horse Supplies - Grooming supplies - Rubber Groomer Curry Comb

    KONG Zoom Groom Brush at PETCO

    My friend uses zoom groom on her bull terrier - no undercoat - and it works great on her dog and my cattle dog (who does have an undercoat).

    The black rubber curry comb and the green one - both work the same way. It's like wet fingers.

    For my floors I use sabco flat mop duster
    I think you can get it from woollies, big w or mitre ten - usually in a kit with the handle, a microfiber scrubber for cleaning and a fluffy pad for dusting - both machine washable.

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    Yeah I think that rubber comb sounds like a great idea because his hair sticks really well to my hands. Thanks

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    Oh dear - Poor Riley is really hard done by ! No posh stuff for him !

    I just take him outside and use a brush like this:

    DustPanandBrushSet_4.jpg He loves it and stands still for me !

    Or this - if he decides he wants to lie down:

    Broom with Handle.jpg
    I did try something like this - when he first arrived years ago - to try and desensitise him to different things - and for him to stop thinking that everything I had in my hand was to bash him with it:


    But he took it for a run around the yard - never to be seen again !

    Seriously - maybe you could look at doing this:

    Dog being groomed by vacuum - and likes it! funny - YouTube

    | eBay

    Have a look at all the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner - with low suction to start with - I am sure your pup will get used to it really quickly !

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    My dogs are all short haired but my cattle dogs have a thick double coat which by the way does not cause them to have a doggy smell. I use a cheap furminator type tool which strips the hair out in incredible quantities. It also strips hair just as effectively from my very short haired kelpie.

    Mind you dog hair is a fact of life in my house. I was given a second hand kirby and even that struggles to cope at times.

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    I'm not sure a $5 rubber curry comb from the equestrian supplies counts as "posh". Anyone knows that close contact with horses removes all traces of posh from word choice (#$&*!! get off MY #$#*FFING FOOT) and wallet.

    Although nothing is funnier than the F bomb dropped with Regal Pommie accent. (I'm talking about you, Lucinda Green).

    That green fluffy thing does look like a cheap dog toy.

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    I can beat the price of the rubber curry comb.

    one bucket of water
    one pair of rubber gloves on
    dip gloves in water, rub dog all over

    take a look at gloves.

    Now do same to your carpet.

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