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Thread: Dangerous Dog

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    Hyacinth. What do you mean by dog run

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    'Shane'o' - from what I have read about dangerous dogs from this and a couple of other links:

    DEPI - Owning a dangerous dog

    A dangerous dog declaration has effect throughout Victoria and it cannot be revoked, amended or otherwise altered.
    So, it would appear that once a dog is declared dangerous – that is it !

    Not sure whether finding a solicitor would be worthwhile - but have a look at these links for solicitor names that have experience in this sort of area:

    Barristers Animal Welfare Panel | In Defence of Vulnerability

    So – unless a mistake has been made in the law and the administration of the law – the declaration will stand as it is.

    Did you take up the offer made by ‘Nekhbet’ in her first post ?

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    No I didn't take up her offer, my fight is about procedure and if they followed it l would have accepted there decision. this comes from the domestic animal act 1994. [1] has been revoked . section 35. Procedure for making declaration * * * * *
    (2) If the Council proposes that a dog be declared dangerous and the proposal does not arise from an application from the owner, the Council must— (a) notify the owner; and (b) allow the owner the opportunity to make both written and oral submissions to the Council. (3) The Council must consider any material submitted to it before making a declaration. 36. Council must give notice of a declaration to owner (1) If the Council has made a declaration that a dog is dangerous it must serve written notice on the owner of the dog that that declaration has been made. (2) The notice must— (a) be served, either in person or by registered post, within 7 days of the making of the declaration; and (b) give reasons for the making of the declaration. none of this done.

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    I am really confused now ! How did the court case where your brother pleaded guilty come about ?

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    my original post explains that. sorry the court case came about because he got charged with 2 accounts dogs attacking, 2 accounts dogs atlarge
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    The dogs physically hurt the animal, not just chased it. Done deal due to the court case. He was responsible for the dogs and yes the council could have put them to sleep due to attacking and dogs at large conviction.

    You do need to securely contain your dogs as per council requirements now which will include a dog run. If you have not been notified of this call your council now, make sure your dogs registration is up to requirement as is your backyard or risk another fine. If they get out again you will not get them back.

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    I would cut your losses and insure this can not happen again. Your dogs can be contained in a large pen area possibly, with access to the house if they come inside, like my 4 blue heelers are. They wandered once beforre the pen was made, away 8 hours and could have been shot on sight as sheep farmers are nearby. We run beef cattle and no way in hell are pet or working dogs allowed to "play" with the calves. This is an accident waiting to happen. If you lived on our property, your dogs loose among the cows and calves they would be shot on sight.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Nekbet do you know the requirements for keeping a dangerous dog? if not hear is a section from the Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994 No. 81 of 1994 updated 2013
    s38 Restraint of dangerous dogs when on owner's premises. (1) When a dangerous dog is kept on residential premises of the owner of the dog, the owner must ensure that
    (a) if the dog is inside any dwelling on the premises, it is confined in such a manner— (i) that it cannot escape; and (ii) that a person cannot enter the dwelling unless admitted by an occupier of the premises who is of or over 18 years of age; and (b) there is on the premises, outside any dwelling, a prescribed enclosure; and (c) when the dog is not inside any dwelling on the premises, the dog is kept in a prescribed enclosure. Penalty: 20 penalty units. — 1 penalty unit=$144.00 This means our dogs can never run, chase a ball, fetch a stick or chew on a bone unless they are inside my house or locked inside a cage. If you know different could you please tell me how I can get this information. I would love to see my dog run again

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    This is the vic specifications
    DEPI - Owning a dangerous dog

    There is no maximum size for a dog run - you could use a tractor shed - provided that it has a concrete floor, and dog proof sides and roof.

    So unfortunately no chasing a ball in the open for your dogs any more.

    But if you have private property and really good fences - eg around the corner from me is a dog proof double tennis court... and I reckon I could play chuck the ball in there - so long as nobody else showed up to use the (public) courts.

    And these kinds of facilities might be available for hire or you could build something. Otherwise - I'm not sure what people do. That's where a post question on the dogs on trial facebook page might help.

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    Not trying to be smart but have a look into the requirements for dangerous dogs whilst not on on owners premises, must have red & yellow collar be on chain cord or leash and be muzzled at all times penalty 40 penalty units . I'm starting to think it would be better to surrender the dog to the council and get another one or not even have a dog at all

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