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Thread: The worst dog walking experience today.

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    Default The worst dog walking experience today.

    I was walking my dog today. On the way back home it started to rain, dog started pulling on the leash. I had walked out in the rain before, he doesn't like it but he doesn't hate it either. Anyway dog started pulling on the leash a bit, I was getting annoyed because I was getting wet, I didn't want my dog to get away with pulling on the leash so I stopped. He sat down and I started walking again. It was a suburban road, a few cars going past so he may have been a little anxious but he wasn't anywhere near full meltdown, he wasn't totally stressed out but he was pulling so I was stopping. I just stopped and waited for him to stop pulling every time he pulled and I had to do that a few times and this middle aged woman jumps out of the car, gets in my face and yells at me to stop being so cruel on the dog. I'm like, "wtf?" She then yells that she is going to report me and that I'm a horrible owner and etc.

    She doesn't want a reply or anything, she probably knows nothing about dogs, she just jumps back in the car and drives off.

    I want my dog to rip her throat out. I honestly, truly do, and I will go to her grave and mock her relatives. If anyone thinks I'm joking, all I have to say is: watch me.

    This is the kind of woman who if ever owned a dog who pulled, which is every single one, or just a dog like mine would have declared this dog as dangerous and somehow wired badly and put to sleep. This is the kind of woman who knows absolutely nothing about anything and yet feels compelled to get in everyone's face and shout at them because she feels that she can do better. This is the type of person who can relate everything only to herself and not the world at large. This is the type of person who blindly follows the crowd and has no ability to question mass opinion.

    Essentially, she is someone who feels overwhelmed by the world (because of her lack of intellect) and she makes herself feel better by correcting everyone else and forcing them to fit in with her world view, regardless of right and wrong, just and unjust, truth or fiction.

    She reminds me a bit of the lady, she just believes everything the media tells her, blows everything out of proportion, relates everything to her single , albeit negative experience, and then tries to sway the opinions of others through basically, lying. How arrogant do you have to be to believe you know what's best for others?

    Anyway, rant over, I'm going to find out where she lives and murder her in her sleep with an ice skate. I'm confident I'll get away with it because I have nothing to do with ice skating, but I will not be giving away any details on how so don't ask. If any one of her pesky relatives get in the way I'll do them in as well.

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    Goggles that was a pretty intense rant.

    My question to you (through psychology) why has this woman annoyed you THIS much? Yes, it was a very dumb move by that person but Most people would be annoyed at her and have a rant and then move passed it as "that stupid woman that day". There is obviously something personal to you that has made this angry about it.

    I hope you are ok.

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    I know an experience like that can be un nerving and very annoying but I would try and chill out and get over it. She cant report you as she has no proof. Yeah annoying but not worth the negative emotions which are only bad for your health. These days I try and work out what is important getting hot and bothered about and what isnt. Not easy but as Pawfectionist says yours was a pretty intense reaction.

    As to the rain. Think of the people who are currently devastated by drought. It has been dry here for nearly 6 months. What I would give for a walk in the rain and to get wet!
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    I hate dumb pushy people. They are the scourge of the world.

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    She's not your problem Goggles. And her stupid outburst was just words. You could wish that she did report you (to whom anyway?) so she could be humiliated for her ignorance in front of other people.

    But as she won't and you won't resort to violence over some moron taking her frustrations out on you, just take a deep breath, stop thinking about it and move on.

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    Yeah, woman's just an asshole who has nothing better to do with her life. If she owned a dog it would be a small white fluffy who runs around yapping at other dogs and on the day it gets bitten, she blames the other dog and not hers for starting the fight. She then starts some campaign and makes the lives of all normal dog owners miserable and sues the owner of the dog that bit hers for thousands of dollars and a demand that has it put down.

    The most infuriating thing is she believes with absolute certainty that what she is doing is right. When, of course, it is not.

    sigh - such is life.

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    ow Goggles

    I feel your rage. You were doing all the right things with your sled dog.

    I can't see how stopping is cruel. Even if he runs to the end of the lead...

    Some people are crazy. You can't reason with them or come close to figuring out why they do what they do - tho you've had an impressive try.

    Personally - when dealing with crazy people - I write their licence plate down and or (if they're a bit slow) - take their photo, I was sending a txt about this crazy woman honest...

    I've had people just go into complete hysterics if a dog so much as looks at them - even if the dog stays at a nice safe 2 to 3 metres distance. They yell so much it makes it impossible for you to get your dog back by calling the dog, all you can do is run away so your dog doesn't get the idea that it needs to protect you from the crazy threatening person.

    And of course my dog wants to comfort the person who starts crying because they're so scared of the dog - but it's much easier to call her away from that - they're not yelling at me.

    Googles - you just have to consider that some people are misguided ignorant nut jobs and apart from gathering enough information that you can identify them if you need - best ignored. If you feel really outraged you can write state and federal reps or health ministers about the lack of care for mental health patients.

    One place I worked - there was a lady that would yell abuse with lots of swearwords at everyone trying to go from work to the sandwich shop at the mall. And a bloke who used to catch the same bus home as me - who would do the same to anyone who he thought was looking at him. And he looked strange, acted strange and smelt bad. And yet two more people who were homeless - can't think why - who would yell at anyone who came within yelling distance and they routinely monopolised a playground, bbq area and two sports ovals in this way. It was really really difficult to get them relocated. They're probably back as far as I know. He was actually ok - he was trying to protect her - because she was completely and destructively paranoid.

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    I don't think there was anything wrong with her, she was just totally misguided. I didn't see her coming, she just jumped out at me from across the street out of her car.

    She looked totally normal though as far as I could tell. I would feel much better if she was just some crazy.

    Hyacinth that was probably the nicest post you've ever made towards me, thank you. I'm usually saying something wrong when I get a reply from you aren't I?

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    Goggles I hear where you're coming from, I really do.

    I must admit I did laugh when i read your post. Not because I found what happened to you funny, but because of some of the wording you used.Namely using an "Ice skate" and "go to her grave and mock her relatives". Will tuck that one away for future use

    Unfortunately in this world you will always encounter the idiots that not only think they know better than you but also think it's their job to tell you.

    All I can give you is the bit of advice that my Dad used to give me:- You can't fight the world!

    Pick your battles and know that you were doing nothing wrong so just try to let it go if you can. Don't let this stupid woman get to you.
    If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

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    I cant handle that shit. I'm a pretty calm person around strangers.... but i explode on rude people. I out rude them 10 to 1. Leave em gob smacked.

    She would have freaked if she saw the way i check Bronx sometimes. I got in trouble by my trainer once for pussy footing around with 'girly' checks. I wont fall for that twice.

    You know she's a rude stupid B###H .... Try not to let it bother ya mate.

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