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Thread: Pitbull with extremely short fur, and getting bald patches... Please Help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K9 Adventurer View Post
    I just realised I was pressing the reply button and not the reply to thread :/

    Thank you all very much, keep the suggestions coming if you have them tho. As we said before, we'll give anything a shot. We're going to be more specific (politely of course) to the Vets, and make a plan. Thanks very much again
    Sounds like this is what is needed! If you are paying them good money get them to do exactly what you want. Good food and supplements will only go so far and its obviously food issues are not the cause if she still as the problems

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    Some vets try to keep costs down for their customers without actually going through all the options and possibilities or costs of finding out. So if you want them to do tests - you need to get them to explain why they will or won't and how much each will cost and what the chances are of it finding out something useful.

    I'd like to know why they think it isn't mange and doesn't need a scraping test, but they could be right about where it is located - being more likely to be something your dog is allergic to that comes in contact with the itchy areas ie the places she lies down on or does the belly crawl on.

    I try to keep my dog off the back lawn (kikuyu) but if the weather is nice eg sunny day in winter - I put a mat, or tarp and towel pegged down combo out on the lawn for her to lie on and reward her (food/treats/attention) for being on the mat. So she usually lies on it of her own choice. The cool spikey feel of the grass is still there but without the itchy contact with the actual grass.

    We have much less rash that way.

    So next time you go to the vet - have a list of questions that you want answers for, and ask why they think what they think.
    Don't forget to put on it - getting the time and cost and chance of a useful result for each option.

    A consult where you ask more questions will take longer but you will have a clearer idea of what they are considering and why and what you can do to manage stuff. If they do talk about diet to manage the problem - ask them to start with an elimination diet to make sure it's not food allergies. You can always tell them you will make up for not buying their food in consults instead.

    I guess you might need to channel a 3 yo child who has just learned the power of the word "Why eee?"

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    to help rule out some issues - maybe think about getting thyroid function tested when you next see the vet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJJ View Post
    to help rule out some issues - maybe think about getting thyroid function tested when you next see the vet.
    I agree with the above - as I do with what "Nekhbet' said ! So also look at a complete blood test.

    Trying to save money sometimes - does not work - you do it 'piecemeal' - and it does eventually cost heaps more - and you are no nearer to a solution !

    You have been given a lot of things to think about in this thread - so do your homework - but most importantly ask heaps of questions.

    Do you know your pup's breeder ?

    With my pups in the past - any skin problems usually came down to the food I was feeding them - and more importantly - the snacks they were having.

    Maybe that is also something to look at !

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