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Thread: Should Crossbreeds (and breeders) be discriminated with higher registration costs?

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    I have posted pictures of Sammy in the past, I'm not sure on which thread. I will post more pictures and maybe try and put up a link to his facebook page - a friend made him a page lol. I recently was given a new computer through work, a pc rather than my old macs and I don't have any photos on it yet. That said, I'll also try and find the old thread for you. Hold on, found some in an album online. Hopefully this works -

    His pensive shot

    Being a bit cute

    And a regal shot because that's what he does best

    His eyes are lighter than standard, he has a white patch, his forehead has a defined 'dome' and his ears are too erect for standard but I've never thought it a bad thing that he doesn't look exactly like other Dobermanns. He's got a good thing going on

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    Here's one we took the other weekend

    And I've always loved this one of him flying

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    And finally, here's one of him leaping over a fallen tree a couple of weekends back.

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    I could look at pictures of Sammy all day, he's just so stunning Love that first shot, such a cute face!

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    There has been a bit of discussion on the dark side about the ethics of registered breeders breeding unregistered puppies...

    Apparently there are some very subtle loop holes.

    Personally - on the ethics side of it I would unregister if that's what I wanted to do. Like voting with my feet. ANKC needs change and accountability - but so far it's the only system we have.

    Well some say there is the MDBA - which hosts nice awards nights once a year, but they have a page for the "Australian cobber" breed in development - more commonly known as a labradoodle... And I've seen some dumb claims by labradoodle breeders over the years. Which is quite frustrating.

    I have to put my dog on lead every time I see a poodle cross and some poodles too. Sigh - I think she's picked up on how I feel. Tho she makes exceptions for her friends.

    Anyway - I have never felt it should be ANKC or nothing. And I don't think dogs (ANKC or otherwise) should be bred and sold as a business for profit either. That just feels on a par with breeding and selling children. Feels wrong. It happens but feels wrong. It's bad for the dog's social skills with other dogs and with humans. And the way it is done (only selecting for cute puppies) - it's bad for their long term health - joints and other problems too.

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    Awesome looking dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddogdodge View Post
    I could look at pictures of Sammy all day, he's just so stunning Love that first shot, such a cute face!
    Oh thanks he certainly seems to like hearing that lol. Worst part is he knows every word for people describing him as attractive, if someone is near him and they start saying, "oh what a handsome/beautiful/cute etc dog" he is over there in record time ready for pats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    Isn't it best then that people buy from ANKC registered breeders after doing their research as to which breeders are actually doing the right thing? If everyone only bought from ethical registered breeders the pounds would be empty and the number of dog attack issues would be significantly reduced. Brock's breeder made the 1-1/2 hour trip a few weeks after I'd taken ownership to make sure everything was going well and that they were happy that their assessment of me was correct i.e Brock had the perfect home.
    As Hyacinth said, there's only one registering body here and I don't imagine this woman will be leaving it - there are no alternatives. Honestly though, being registered with the ANKC does not make breeders responsible or ethical, all the breeders I visited initially were registered and some of them had some very disturbing practices.

    I mean if you've read the other thread, you know what I think on this subject. Everyone should have to sit through tests before they're allowed to own a dog, especially if they want a larger, more powerful one. We could help people choose the right sort of dog for them, show them what's achievable and how to get results with training, show them exactly what's involved in having a dog long-term etc.

    I agree that another option would be to put this in the hands of the breeders, make it so that they can't sell to anyone they haven't personally thoroughly assessed, but the ANKC doesn't do anything like that... What your breeder did is fantastic but the ANKC won't view them any differently from someone else who sold all their puppies to people they'd never seen on Gumtree. All they care about is whether the dogs were registered with them and that they pay their fees. I'm sure they'd remove this breeder from their membership if they knew what she had done and was still considering to do, but you know, she's not the first ANKC registered breeder I've known to breed crosses and she won't be the last. She's already quite disillusioned anyway, she doesn't show because her dogs are working lines, but she feels that the dogs that win at shows in her breeds are not always good examples and like me, she thinks that dogs should be tested on more than their looks before they're bred. I met this lady at a training/sporting club so that's more where her interests lie.

    Would be great if one day there was another registration body. The ANKC is losing members, people are using their feet but they don't seem to care. As someone who has enjoyed IPO/Schutzhund, as someone who is very upset at the state of many of the breeds I love most, I have become very disappointed with the ANKC and have no faith in that institution to achieve or stand for anything. I think of myself as fairly harsh and judgmental and huge on the detail, but membership with the ANKC is not something I would use (as it stands) to assess the quality of a breeder. Doesn't mean that there are no good breeders registered with the ANKC, it's just that in my experience I don't find that fact useful in determining the quality of the breeder.

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    Seems to me responsibility is missing all 'round.

    There is another thread on the other side where some one is trying to explain .Doesn't seem anyone wants to hear, but essentialy I agree.

    B.S.L ( and other legislation to crack down on owners/breeders) is looking to be a product of artificial division in a single species.

    Makes sense when you consider that any division of pure and cross breeds comes down to piece of paper bestowed after the fact.( not my words)

    Personaly, I think people need to vote with more than their feet. Voices too.
    Its possible to change and I think the K.Cs have most chance of doing it. Maybe not just from within, but encouragement from outside too. They do recognize there are problems but some voices are louder ATM.
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    He looks more Dobe than I imagined and brown too...what is he crossed with ? Still doesn't give you the right to breed him.

    This is a pic of my beautiful girl taken in the 1990s...little did I know what was about to happen to her.

    Chloe & Zorro
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