2 pups to run with you two. nice thought, but its going to be a year, before this becomes a reality, due to pups growth/development, as you cant 'run' them that far to begin with.

Having a poodle (a dog that is considered No 1 in dog IQ stakes) mixed with a lab is a recipe for trouble IMO. Folks seriously underestimate poodles. They are sight hounds and will take off to chase a bike they can see a mile away, or cars etc. anything that moves. So retrieves can be tricky for active scatter brained pups.
There is no evidence whatsoever, that poodle mixes reduce the allergy factor, NONE. So if that's what your after, do some research and convince yourself of what ive said. Then think again.

I personally am not a lab lover other than the gundog. In which case, i love em. As i would any working dog.

2 dogs being pups. Ive not seen this issue where they bond with each other more than owners that others are suggesting. My experience has been that human contact, is prized highest of all, and even to point of resource gaurding you from the other dog. That's the usual pattern of multi dog ownership, not aloofness.

Like twins, your life is never going to be the same. If you think you want that, go for it.
First dogs are like training for babies to come later for most couples. Supposing you or your other half dont pull their weight. It can cause relationship friction, be prepared in 2yrs, that one of you opts out of the responsibility of dog ownership, whilst the other has to pick up the slack. That's what happened here. Much like kids and husbands say, "can we, we'll help clean up the mess/feed it/walk it" and dont.

I adore keeping dogs in multiple numbers, as i like to watch them together. I watch them, like most folks watch TV. Its very entertaining indeed. Have fun, and do send us picks of your double trouble when you find them.
Shelter is great place to start looking, as your up for mongrels anyhow.