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    Question Pregnancy and Dogs

    Hi all new to this, but need help

    I am currently 8 months pregnant (human baby) and my OH has a kelpie that used to like me but has now became aggressive towards me. Will this stop when human baby arrives or should I be worried.

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    Hmm, I think I'd me more worried about why the dog is being 'aggressive' to you in the first place.

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    Hello and Eldee,
    Any chance of getting a bit more info?

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    Yes you should be worried.

    It sounds on the face of it as if your OH's kelpie is seeing you as competition for his affection. Kelpie may very well view the baby in a similar light if it is being possessive of your OH.

    I would seek professional training assistance about it if you can remotely afford it - you don't have a huge amount of time to change the dog's behaviour!

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    your dog is reacting to the changing hormones inside you, i agree that you need to seek professional help asap as they will asses you, your dog and your partner and come up with a way for you to fix/manage the problem
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    Oh no! that's sad, and yes! a big worry especially with a little bub on the way. I also would like to hear more about this. When and how did this start,
    how long has the dog been in the family, inside/outside dog etc.

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