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Thread: What is !!!

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    Default What is !!!

    For fun,
    What is your dog/dogs favourite toy?

    Charlie's is a toy rope.
    NJ's i will have to say is his kong as it's the only toy he has not yet destroyed

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    Floyd's favorite toy is the kong ball....

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    Misi- Loves any toy that squeaks. She runs with it at 100 miles an hour and squeaks at the same time. Lasts 5 mins, then chews it and lets Lola play with the left overs The only other toy she'll play with is rope toys.
    Lola- Will play with anything including dead bugs, leaves, paper but her favourite is her big ball and soccer ball.

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    Candy loves rope toys and soft toys

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    Genie just loves his rubber chicken! It used to squeak, and it was one of our foster Greyhound's favourites. But he ripped out the squeaker and didn't like it anymore, so Genie pinched it.

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    Oh. And my girl? - well....

    Any pot plant will do, proper toys just don't make the grade, but plants and potting mix? Great fun for shredding and throwing about...
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    Kimbas loves those toy dogs they had at maccas ages ago (had a rope with a coloured bone at the end.)
    She picks the bone end up and carrys it around. Its the only toys she doesnt shred to teeny tiny pieces. I have a vid of her doing it but have been too slack to upload

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    Sorry SH, I had a good, look at her face.

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    I have boring, non-playing dogs.
    When Roly was a puppy he was a huge fan of the rope, but he lost interest by the time he was 2.

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    Hey Zac....luv Lola's new could you not be impressed at Lola's very cute face

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