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Thread: Time to rehome Brian :(

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    Yeah I think the martingale feature in a chest attach might be a bad idea... it gives the dog more room to build momentum. Tho mine requires a fairly loose fitting - you make sure it's comfy around the chest when the dog is sitting. And the nylon strap is wider which spreads the pressure - that's what really works - a wider strap - so getting it wrapped in something padded that would make the straps even wider is a good idea.

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    As his lunge is sudden burst of over exuberance at a trigger, there is no momentum building (yet)

    Not so sure about plaiting or sewing something. But did see some sheepskin sheaths that go on human seat belts that'd do it. Might try them.

    I put this dog down as a numb nuts, but last night, there was a new challenge presented to all 3 dogs. Door separating me on deck, from all 3 dogs on inside looking through glass. All want me, scratching to open door, is Pohm's pathetic effort < open the door for me, then i'll let you rub my chest lazy bitch tactic.
    Bernie's was to try to lift up the locked mechanisim, in hope it wasnt key looked, just the tiny nib switch on your average fly screen door, he can open these. But id locked it with a key, sat outside a waited.

    Dumb ass? Brian, watched the other 2, and then bolted back into the house, only to appear 2 seconds later through the window open in the lounge. Smart eh?
    Nice problem solving. So i give it a few days, before he twigs, that moment building, will once again, return control to him.
    Its cooler now at 5/30am, happy wearing crocs instead of flip flops these mornings.

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