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Thread: Interesting study on Desexing

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    Even if we're all not totally convinced, my only point is that there are no studies to support the idea that desexing is the healthier option and yet this is what vets tell everyone. I've never had a vet tell me they disagree with paediatric desexing either.

    Here is another article that includes references to multiple breeds.‎

    I mean if you could find me one article with any numbers, whether collected from large surveys or whatever that suggested that desexing the dogs was in their best interest from a pure health perspective, I would be very interested to read it. I can't find any.

    I think you're taking my position on desexing a bit personally, from the sounds of things you have great dogs that live very happy lives and at the end of the day, my personal philosophy is that everyone should have access to all the information and then be able to make whatever decisions they want to suit their needs. It's just I also have a great dog who lives a very happy life and yet I am told every time I walk into a vet that he should be desexed and that I'm putting his health at risk by not doing so. There is no evidence to back this up so I disagree with vets telling everyone that.

    I have never said that you or anyone for that matter would be jeopardising their dog's health by desexing them, I'm simply frustrated that I'm told I'm jeopardising my dog's health by not desexing him. As you have said, these studies are limited and not comprehensive enough to make any black and white conclusions. But they hint at disturbing trends that I think certainly warrant further investigation, which I think they are finally starting to get. In the mean time, in the absence of any evidence to suggest otherwise, I don't think vets should be telling everyone that their dogs should be desexed for health reasons.

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    No not taking it personally just taking a different view from you and discussing it. Yes there could be trends which are worth looking in to and working out if they are real or masked by other factors. This may or may not happen as it takes money to do complex research, so the information is what it is. I read it, combine it with my own experience which is a lot of years of working with dogs and make a decision.

    Vets tell me to spey at 6 months to lessen the risk of breast cancer and pyometra which is what they often focus on for bitches. These are real health benefits of desexing a bitch according to studies. I tell them I will take the increase in risk and spey after their first heat. My decision and their opinions past that point are irrelevant to me. Yes I did nearly lose a 9 month old bitch to pyometra after her first heat and now I watch like a hawk any unspeyed bitch of mine untill she is speyed.

    I have no problems with vets expressing their opinions and if I disagree with them it certainly doesnt frustrate me. My animal, my responsibility, my choice. Your animal, your choice. You have read the info and interpreted one way, I have done the same and made a different choice. Both equally valid. I am not stressin about what the vets have to say LOL
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