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Thread: Registering a dog in Sydney - anyone know what the compliance rates are?

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    The NSW companion animal act - says if your unregistered dog ends up at the pound you have to pay to get it registerd, plus the fine, plus the cost of keeping it at the pound... all at once - to get your dog back.

    A pound near Newcastle - recently PTS a dog that the owner had repeatedly said they'd pay... and someone at the pound said they'd hold it till Monday but they PTS on the Friday. But this particular owner had been a repeat repeat offender... Not fair on the dog tho.

    ACT has the best least kill results that I've seen across Australia. I think it must be hard on shelter staff - they must get so jaded with all the dogs that need homes that they give up trying to find the owners because it's so unrewarding - from owners who make promises but don't keep them, to owners that abuse them for asking for the cost of keeping the dog for them to the owners that just refuse to admit they own the dog (we sold it to someone else - haven't got their details microchip data never updated). Personally if I'd rehomed a dog and it showed up at the pound - if they called me - I'd claim it anyway - but I'm not completely skint.

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    Mm I'd hand over whatever they asked for. Sammy is my weakest spot, the older he gets the more special I realise he is and how impossible it would be to replace him. I was so grateful to the lady who took him in the one time my housemate let him out (I was interstate for work at the time) that I bought her a present. I sent my sister over to collect him right away, although by then the woman was already asking whether Sammy could stay longer as he'd managed to win her over completely. It was one of those jokes that didn't sound like it's completely a joke, plus she asked like 4 times for me to bring him over if I went away for work again. But I'm probably a bit paranoid these days as twice people have tried to steal Sammy.

    Definitely not fair on the dog though. Seems sad that the system is set up to punish the people by hurting their dogs. Sucks to be the dogs. The system seems like it could use a lot of work, especially because the latest figures show that people will add more dogs to the families each year than what the shelters receive - by a lot, and that's not even taking into consideration the lost dogs that already belong to someone who wants them back. With the exception of severe health and/or behavioural problems, I don't really know that there's an acceptable excuse for a dog to be put to sleep. I think if they could come out to the public and acknowledge that the homes were there and that they just needed more money to help connect the dogs with the homes, well then it might be an institution I could support.

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    It's also amazing that they make it so hard to go and rescue a dog, like it's a multistep process and yet just anyone can buy a dog off gumtree or from a pet shop. I had a friend 5 years ago try and rescue a dog but she was turned away as she was young and admitted that she would be moving again. They were too worried about her not being able to find another pet friendly rental and so her application was denied. She went in that afternoon and bought a puppy from a pet shop that I had originally talked her out of - I sent her to the shelter in the first place. Well 5 years later and that dog has a pretty amazing home. I'm not saying it always works out this way but maybe it's better to give the dog a chance rather than just putting it down because they can't find any 'suitable' homes.

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