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Thread: What breed of dog is she?

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    Default What breed of dog is she?

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone can help me find out what breed my foster dog is? I want to be able to give an accurate description of her. At the moment she is listed as a Kelpy X "with distinct dingo markings". I'm not sure if this is very accurate. Can anyone help?
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    Hmmm thats a tough one to guess... maybe Kelpie X German Shepherd?
    Thats probably my best guess... She's a beautiful dog though

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    Yes I was thinking GSD too at the second pic. Love the ears!

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    Hi 'shakarn7' and to the forum !

    As 'maddogdodge' and 'margoo' have suggested - GSD in the mix is a possibility - also - ACD ? and Lab ?

    How old is the pup and how big is she - weight and height ?

    Don't be confused with coat colour - kelpies come in a cream colour also.

    As you are fostering - is it not more important to note temperament and behaviour of this pup for the prospective new owners ?

    I really wouldn't get bogged down with trying to work out the exact breeds - because at best it really is only a guess. Unless you want to get a DNA test done - but they really can be a waste of money.

    Kelpie cross is more than adequate and much easier for a new owner when registering this pup with their local council. So, I would lose the 'dingo' part in the description - just a suggestion !

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    she's a mixed bag. The ear shape and thickness as well as facial features suggest she has bull breed in there, the coat is short so take your pick of bull breed, sight hound, ridgie mixes in there and the rest. There's no GSD or Belgian in that dog at all. Call it a large cross breed because kelpie x is not really correct, as is the dingo markings. Dingos do not have black muzzles and ears like she does at all, in fact it will be white muzzle, running down the neck/throat and paws. Sometimes black on the tail.

    Remember too few dogs are straight pure breed to pure breed crosses. The cat has the domestic shorthair/long hair I don't know why we can't just be satisfied saying large/med/small crossbreed dog.

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    Many thanks for all the suggestions. I have taken off the distinct dingo markings that was in her description. And left her breed as Kelpie X. She's also in the medium to large dog section of the Hunter Animal Rescue website. So hopefully that description with her photo should be adequate.
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    She looks like a bit of sight hound (eg Pharoah hound) or bull arab (mix of hunting dogs and terriers), crossed with something with pointy ears. And her face wrinkles also remind me of Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Does she like chasing and killing things? Mind you there is a spaniel poodle cross next door that likes to chase and kill things and it looks nothing like your dog.

    Best to put in details of what she likes doing, and what critters she gets along with - ie behaviour things and a general description that gives you an idea of how big she is. Like a soccer ball in the picture would help me get an idea of how big she is.

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