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Thread: Any idea what breed or mix of breeds this pup is?

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    Default Any idea what breed or mix of breeds this pup is?

    Hello, We're looking at breeds and mixed breeds. I really want one like this pup (image below) I was playing with a few years ago- I cannot recall the breed or mix of breeds- any clues would be greatly appreciated.18173_449453840592_809649_n.jpg


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    Sorry, but all i can offer is it looks a bit like my Ridgeback x Staffy did as a pup ... minus the black snout. It's a cute little rascall whatever it is.

    Just remember it could grow up to look like anything really. Thats the gamble with x breeds.
    Let your heart find the right pup for you....go to a rescue place and let some little some little fluff ball steal it.
    Good luck finding the right pup for you.

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    Hi 'Lauren A C Hille' and to the forum !

    It is very difficult from the photo to be able to make a good guess ! Pup could have kelpie, mastiff, GSD, staffy or a myriad of other choices in the cross. The size of the knuckles on the front legs are a decent size - but how old was the pup in the photo ?

    As ‘Sean’ said - have a look on this following link and see what you like. You will notice that there are heaps of pups needing new homes.

    Search medium puppies in all states

    Good Luck !

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    Here's one

    Sophie - Medium Female Mastiff Mix in WA - PetRescue

    Mastiff have that colouring too. Some Great Danes, Staffordshire Bull Terriers etc. And Malinois... tho their coat is a little bit longer.

    You really can't buy a puppy that is the same as the one you liked before just by getting one that looks the same. Even if you get one that is from the same parent dogs - every puppy has its own personality. Tho you can do fairly well if you get one that meets the breed characteristics.

    Eg I like cattle dogs and farm dogs - because they're clever (tho this gets me into trouble too), cattle dogs are also good guard dogs, they will confront a stranger but won't bite them unless they try to run... (you can come in but you may never leave). And they're also fairly energetic and enthusiastic about everything and like being around people (mine generally likes all people especially ones with food = more trouble).

    It depends why you liked the puppy - if you can tell us more about that and how much time you could spend with it eg long walks every morning and evening - or just fifteen minutes after work? And what sort of things you'd like to do with your dog - how you imagine your life together - maybe we could suggest something that's a good fit.

    If you just want a dog with a dark nose and tan body - there's lots on pet rescue...

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    Thank you for the welcome and the suggestions. It was quite a young pup. I remember thinking that's a bit young to be away from his mum.
    I will check out the link- thanks- I would rather one that needed a home, but im looking into compatible breeds (for us- ive always had GSD and my partner likes spaniels). I dont really like spaniels - i find them not doggy enough for me, but GSD are a bit to big for him. And as I've always had GSD when it comes to owning other breeds im a bit clueless.
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    WoW ! That is quite a range of sizes of pups that you are looking at !

    Best idea is to set up a list of would like, want definitely, couldn’t handle or want, and then most important - what you can offer a certain breed of pup.

    As a bit of fun – have a look at this:

    Selectapet - find the breed that is right for you | PetNet

    There are heaps of these on the Internet – I just selected the first one that came up !

    Maybe you would like one of these:


    Just joking ! My tongue is very firmly in my cheek !

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    I'm not fond of spaniels either - bad experiences with them as a child, and no follow up good experiences.

    If a GSD is a bit big, you definitely want to stay away from the Mastiff breeds - they're even bigger.

    But - dog like a GSD but not as big? Stumpy Tail Cattle dog. Smart, slightly fluffy, herding dog, shorter coat than other Cattle dogs. Tho GSD are more like flock guardians than herding dogs as far as their shepherding goes.

    Or I've seen the occasional GSD x Kelpie - which look a bit like a GSD but they're kelpie sized. Tendency to ball obsession in the ones I've met.

    For something completely different - whippets are nice.

    You haven't said much about how active you are.

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    I think you need to really decide on the charateristics that you are looking for to suit your lifestyle. Your activility levels, how much time you will have to train the dog etc. Some breeds are more biddable than others, some are more independent, some have a tendency to certain health problems you need to be aware of, some need a lot more grooming etc. You need to be aware of the different temperament tendencies that some breeds can have etc.. I have several different types of herding breeds and also whippets all nice dogs but the whippets were completely different to my herding breeds.

    When selecting a pup of indeterminant breed or a recognisable breed for that matter, I would try and do so from a reputable rescue organisation or get a pup from a reputable registered breeder. I have had several puppies from rescue and they had a professional trainer there who was actually bang on, on her assessment of both puppies, both temperament wise and structure. They also offered professional help if there were any problems.

    My friend got one from a pet shop and had to euthaniase it a few years later with severe hip dysplasia, she then got an akita/lab mix from the paper and had to put it down due to severe aggression.

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