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    Hi, we have recently adopted our sons 4 year old female malamute. We came home tonight from work to find our neighbours advising that she howls all day when we are at work. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop her from howling. I have heard of anti barking collars but no nothing about their effectiveness and indeed worry about hurting her. Is she able to be trained to not howl? She is beautiful and we would love to keep her but it isn't fair to neighbours who gave young children and night shift husbands who need quiet during the day. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    'Paul4157' - to the forum !

    How long have you had you son's malamute ? How much training did your son do with 'his previous' dog ?

    These breeds of dogs howl - that is what they do ! They can be happy, sad or whatever - but that is the noise you get out of them ! Have you done any homework on the breed of this dog that you now have at your place ?

    With regard to the neighbours - get them onside by saying you are sorry and that you are working on the problem of this dog's noise. Training will help - but if you need the name of a behaviourist near you - please ask us here - we may be able to suggest someone for you.

    Have a good look around the different threads on the forum - I hope that you will enjoy being a member here !

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    G'day Paul.
    Sorry to hear about your issue mate. There nothing wore than upset neighbors.

    My guys used to bark a bit when i was out and now i give them a 1/4 of a frozen marrowbone each morning. Nice and big and keeps them busy. I also gave my neighbor full permission to give them a quick blast with the hose if they didn't shut up. I also fill a kids 'clam shell' swimming pool up with water for them to play in aswell..... and for digging in is another option.

    Another neighbor in the street has a lab that barks a lot and he has had great success with a anti bark collar. You can change the settings on them till they just feel it and get the idea to shut up...... some have a warning beep first and the dog soon learns that if it continues it'll get a unpleasant little zap.

    It's tough love but tough love works.....its better than the poor dog stressing in unfamiliar surrounding while it gets rehomed.... or worse still.... stressing in a vets surgery waiting for the green dream needle before it goes to sleep. Not saying thats what you'd do to her by any means but if she dosn't get re homed successfully its a possibility.

    I've heard of collars that spray a citrus type spray that apparently deters barking as well but i'm unsure how successful they are.

    Empty coke or milk bottles filled with dry food or treats can keep a bored dog busy as well. Another thing to try could be leaving a radio on that she can hear so she think someones home with her.

    Good luck.

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