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Thread: Rescue husky :)

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    Default Rescue husky :)

    We recently got a new addition.

    We rescued a 4 yr old husky. She is new to the house, she has met Casper ( 8 mth old samoyed) twice before we got her and we collected her straight from desex surgery.
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    I think it could just be that she just recently had her surgery , she's not feeling fully herself yet , thus she doesn't feel like tolerating his nonsense and wants some personal space. The growling and snapping are probably her warning him and putting him in his place. Casper better learn his manners and behave himself before he gets a hard bite haha

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    Thanks, I thought as much. She is pretty placid, she didnt even know us and we had to bath her for her op, she was scared but no growls, we had to flip her uspide dwn in the vets and hold her legs in the air whislt they shaved and ultrasounded her and still no issue, despite being frightened and she has tolerated him pretty weel, I think the stitches are probably annoying by now and she is done with the pain meds they gave us and probably feeling a bit hot and bothered....

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    She sounds like a really great doggy ! Do show us some pictures My puppydog is due for desexing soon too , I dread the thought of her getting cut open , but got to do what has to be done

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