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Thread: Backyard breeder what to do?

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    Default Backyard breeder what to do?

    We're on holidays at the moment and have rented a little cottage. I'm concerned that of the neighboring houses seems to run a small scale puppy farm. We walked past the other night and one of their dogs was just out of the kennel and running around in the yard. When she saw us she ran out of the yard onto the road and since none of the guys on the verandah reacted she followed us home.

    I have no idea know what breed she was, she was about labsize. Her coat was shiny and she looked happy and just wanted to play with Nero. She would have been very cute if she wasn't so painfully skinny. She is just skin and bones really. It almost hurt to look at her. She is only a puppy herself, yet must have just had a litter. When we got home she took off before I could put out a bowl of food for her.

    This week was awfully hot here but their dogs seem to live only in little runs with tinsheds in it. It's hard to see from the road but I have seen one row of these tinsheds, maybe five or six, each one seems to house a dog. They're barking a lot and the skinny girl is the only one I've seen out - but I'm walking past only a couple of times a day.

    Is there anything to do? Maybe a call to the RSPCA is in order? I'm not sure if they can do anything.

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    Hmmm ...tough one. If you could get some pictures on your phone or something it might help. Dont get caught doing it though !!

    Maybe the local council would be your best bet ?..or like you said, the RSPCA. A phone call couldnt hurt i guess.

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    I'd place a call to both the RSPCA and the council outlining your concerns and then do your best to forget about the situation

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    At the moment - the rules about puppy farms in SA are pretty crappy. But dogs are supposed to be registered and wearing their rego disks. And they're not supposed to be wandering off property. And most councils have a limit on how many dogs can be registered at one house without a permit. Councils can help with this.

    RSPCA can help if the dogs do not have appropriate shelter, and water and food... But not much otherwise.

    Here, it's not even compulsory to microchip yet.

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    Its best to ring the RSPCA.. they are a good support...or you could alert the council..and explain your issues to they can come along and have a clear look on this situation..if this helps!
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