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Thread: owner pregnancy effects on dogs behaviour?

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    Default owner pregnancy effects on dogs behaviour?

    Im pretty convinced my son's dogs (sherlock and harleyquin) know my daughter in law is pregnant. they have totally changed their behaviour toward her!

    I generally take treats around for my furry grandkids. So im always enthusiastically greeted. I had lamb bones on w/e, arrived, greeted as usual, but the female pup gave her bone to my daughter in law, just gave it to her! didnt even chew on it, just gave it away? She loves bones normally. And was only a hour or so off feed time, so hungry too.

    then whilst im visiting, another visitor, their friend arrived, and was invited him, there was only me and my daughter in law in the house, and sherlock decides from whilst my son it out, no visitors in the house! and is gaurding, barking at friend whom has visited often before.
    Apparently, he's gotten very protective of her over the last few weeks, barking to scare folks off that approach on pavement, never done this before.

    they didnt resource gaurd her from me, nor did they bark at me. But i did have bones i guess.

    Then they were fed. Both ate heartily, and the bitch came into the lounge, and regurgitated the food on my daughter in laws foot. She's been doing this for a week, and they refeed her later.

    How odd or unusual is this?

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    Something to think about here ! The dogs would have known even before your DIL knew !

    So, I am not surprised at all by the dogs' behaviour ! Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and beat us hands down on reading body language !

    Even though this behaviour from the dogs may seem cute now - it isn't - particularly from what you have said on here about them previously. This behaviour needs to be reined in - sooner than later !

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    That's quite amazing, Bernie! And congratulations on becoming a grandmother to a human too!

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    Oh congratulations on bubby! Animals can definitely tell

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Freaky !!

    Same thing happens when blokes get beer belly's. Mojo just drops cans of beer at my feet all the time now. The wife wants me to lay off the grog but hey, who am i to refuse his kind offer.
    And Bronx, is so protective of me now. He wont let a salad get within 5 feet of me !! If wifey tries to serve it up for dinner Bo Bo's barks and growls at her.

    It's crazy hey, the bigger ones tummy gets the more protective our pooch's get !!

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    Hahaha Sean ^

    I love hearing stories like this it really makes me smile

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