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Thread: Hi! I need help & advice choosing the right dog breed for me : )

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    Default Hi! I need help & advice choosing the right dog breed for me : )

    Hi all,

    My partner & I are wanting to add a dog to our family & was hoping to find some helpful people to give us a hand!

    We live in suburban Melbourne, in a townhouse with a small backyard. We are looking for a small dog indoors/outdoors is fine (will have doggy door). We both work full time, but daily afternoon/evening walks will be no problem.
    I am finding a lot of conflicting information just searching around on the net, in regards to smaller dog breeds & separation anxiety. It seems that the breeds I love all list these issues : ( which is obviously a problem because they'll be alone for 7-8hrs Mon-Fri.

    Preferably would like a low maintenance dog, in regards to coat length (& the least shedding the better) but am prepared to take him/her to get groomed when needed as well.

    Well any help will be great & just ask if you need additional info from me

    Thanks in advance!


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    english bulldog.

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    Hi there,

    Seeing that you both work full time , in my opinion I think that you should adopt an adult/senior dog instead. Raising a puppy takes full time of attention and care , training , housebreaking , socialization etc. We got a puppy at 9 weeks old and had to bring her out every two hours to eliminate including at night. Maybe go to the local shelter and pick out a laidback one, with short coat , don't think it matters which breed then if you assess their personality first Just my 5 cents.

    Example : A retired greyhound
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    Hi Luckycow,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes we were hoping to rescue a dog, not too old (don't want the heartbreak of losing them too soon!) maybe around 3-4 yrs would be great. I love pugs or French bulldogs, but the rescue groups specific to those breeds say they're only suitable for someone whose mostly home which unfortunately isn't our situation right now. But we definitely have a lot of love to give & plenty of time on the weekends to do doggy things! I've read that greyhounds are beautiful & affectionate & laid back but they are still quite large. What sort of dog do you have?

    Any more info especially from anyone who owns the breeds I've mentioned, Pugs, French Bulldogs would be much appreciated

    Thanks again

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    Pugs are good, I dont know why working full time you couldnt get an adult pug or frenchie. I have both lol and they sleep all day

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    Hi Nekhbet,

    Does your Pug & Frenchie have any anxiety issues? I know they are the type of dog that wants to be with you all the time, but you saying they just sleep all day gives me a bit of hope! Like I said before we have plenty of love to give morning evening & weekends we just won't be there during the day. Are your doggies indoors only?

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    i think seperation and anxiety issues are on a dog by dog basis...... its like mental health issues in people.....

    i got a staffy at 8 weeks old, and i work full time, house training took a bit longer, but its easily doable.....

    if you have your heart set on a pup then get one, nothing better than that puppy smell..... untill they shit in your living room hahahaha....

    rescue dogs are a great idea too.... in the end its a life long comitment (the dogs life)....... happy hunting
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    Good point regarding the mental health issues. I'm just finding that the rescue Pugs for example, all list that they need to not be left alone for long periods, I need to find a tougher little one lol

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    Hi 'emash8785' - you say that you live in a townhouse with a small backyard. Do you own or rent ?

    If you rent – you will need to get the agent and owner’s permission to get a pup – unless it is already stated in your lease that animals are not a problem on the property.

    If you own – then the Body Corporate – if there is one - will have by-laws which may affect whether you can have a pet on your property and may even in some instances dictate what size.

    So if you haven't thought of these things – best get that part sorted first.

    Pugs and Bostons are good choices – so are poodles ! I also like the idea of a greyhound !

    Separation anxiety is a term I feel that is much overused. Most times it is used to describe ‘bratty’ behaviour – which is definitely not what separation anxiety is all about.

    Good Luck in your endeavours and kudos to you both for looking at a rescue pup !

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    I know a rescue org down here that will only adopt dogs out to people who are home ALL day! They are all little dogs and I think they just are a tiny bit too precious about them. I don't think getting a pup is a big issue when you work. Especially as there is two of you. I toilet trained both my dog (rescued dog, got her at 8 mo) and recently our 2 foster pups while I went to work and it's not nearly as bad as having a baby and going to work, I can tell you! If you do it well, you'll only be getting up regularly during the night for a couple of weeks.

    Greyhounds don't need much space at all, as long as they get a regular walks, I've been told. You'd need a big dog door though!

    If you are not that fussed on breed or appearance, I would just start looking on pet rescue and find a dog that sounds like they would fit your lifestyle. That's basically what I did and it worked out quite well. I wanted a dog that was unlikely to bark much, fairly easy to train, good with other dogs and adaptable. So I'd come up with a list of things that you find important, in order of priority and then if you find a dog that seems to fit that profile, contact the rescue and ask specific questions. Lots of rescue organisations will organise transport too, so you don't have to limit yourself to ones near you, though of course you do want to meet the dog.

    One advice I do have for having a dog when you work 5 days is trying to fit a good walk in before you leave in the morning. I can assure you that apart from benefiting the dog as they will rest more after that, it greatly reduces the guilt you get from those "don't leave me alone!" looks when you walk out the door. I've always done the morning walk and it has just become a habit like having a shower or making my daughter's lunch.

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