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Thread: Canine leprosy... anyone??

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    Default Canine leprosy... anyone??

    Hooch has been doing so well... until the last few days
    A few weeks ago the vet decided to stop rifampicin which is one of 2 meds that Hooch has been on (the other one was clarithromycin).
    Every month we checked his liver functions as the rifampicin tends to effect the liver. Last time we checked his liver wasn't holding up as well so we stopped the rifampicin and continued with the clarithtomycin only. He has been on treatment for around 3 months I think.
    The last couple of days I noticed his original lump which almost completely disappeared has started growing again.
    To say that I am devastated is an understatement. He has been doing so well, we thought it was all behind us!
    I thought I was imagining but tonight we realised it is definitely growing again. I emailed the super vet from Murdoch straight away, awaiting her reply.

    I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had any experience with Canine Leprosy at all?

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    Oh BG, I'm so sorry to hear that!
    I haven't had any experience with it so can't help you at all but I just want to let you know that you and Hooch are in my thoughts.

    Hooch is so lucky to have you! Please let us know what the vet says

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    I can imagine how gutted you must be. You and Hooch have been through so much, it dreadful that you have this worry again.

    I hope there is a speedy resolution.

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