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Thread: dog punishment

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    With some dogs - you'd probably have to pair the "NO" shout with something that they really don't like for them to take notice.

    a bit like charging the clicker - eg click and then treat.

    It would be "No" and then cause pain or significant discomfort.

    Not a path I want to go down.

    My dog just gets excited if I or anyone else starts yelling. She's looking for that naughty person, dog or blowfly to have a go at. Couldn't possibly be her.

    I suppose I could pair "No" with a collar grab, that might do it with my dog. But it would be a neutral toned "No" not a yell. like "No, not what I want you to be doing", not "Fsk you nearly killed yourself and scared the crap out of me" scream.

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    Mine know exactly what no means. Or perhaps they know the tone of voice and that is paired with the word no. With my dogs raised on my farm as pups the kangaroo chasing hasnt been an issue, because it has been enforced from the beginning.

    My thoughts are that yelling is a consequence of not enforcing or reinforcing the original command. The dog gradually becomes immune because the consequences have not been consistant. I have come to the conclusion that you have to very sure what behaviour you are reinforcing. I have found that bad timing and inconsistency is the enemy of dog training. I notice it in my own dogs. I try to give my dogs very clear criteria. If my criteria become sloppy or I dont stick to them the dogs start to drift from them.

    I have found this to be not so easy when training on sheep as you are also having to work with instinct and allow the dog room to make a call that could be better than yours.

    But for everyday life it something I try not to waiver from. I find that the more solid the dogs temperament is, the easier they are to work with, even if they are really high drive.

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